Restless Giant

Witch Doctor
Cool as heck but useless. Thing enrages on trash mobs. Getting an enrage on elites is like finding a good rare item in game (not the AH). Remove the 5 mob... or

Summon an enraged Gargantuan that last for 12 seconds. Summoning will restore your current Gargantuan to 100% life. Cool down increased to 120 seconds.
Enraged Gargantuan has 20% movement speed, 35% attack speed, and 200% physical damage.

Player now decides when help is needed. That and gives the player something to think about with the skill slot.

That and passive skill to reduce cool down on Gargantuan will effect this ability (and maybe gear that reduces cool down. Thoughts?
I use Gargantuan (and Zombie Dogs) more for distraction. Either Gargantuan and/or Zombie Dogs follow wherever my WD goes, except on Act 4. I don't expect dps from them.

Restless Giant is quite useful in MP 10 ubers though. If the WD is a CC doctor, trap her in the lower left or right hand corner. Gargy will prevent her from getting out. VERY safely spam Rain of Toads + Fear on Hit on the side. She will eventually go kaput. Very slow, but completely doable. Of course, get rid of the Skeleton King first.

And my WD doesn't use any passives for pets. Save them for something more precious, like say, Spirit Vessel.

I hope pets get more tanky, numerous and destructive in RoS :D
Just resummon your gargantuan whenever you engage an elite pack.

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