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Hello all,
Simply looking for some gear upgrade help (or other help/suggestions). Here is the basic info:

I generally run duo with a Barb on ~mp6. We are 'capable' of playing mp 7+, but it feels slower...this seems to be the sweet spot atm.

I haven't spent much on gear...most of my stuff is worth less than 1M. I have about a 5M budget atm.

Here is my profile: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Fermi-1969/hero/37860119

Note- I swap out a few skills - for example fear solo vs. bbv with barb once he gives me the armor.

Our goal is to get to a point where we can farm MP10 eventually - I know money is a big issue atm, but looking for any weak spots or points of improvement - thanks for responses, and happy new year!
Added - here is my partners profile: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Jizzjuice-1705/hero/3651413

I know very little about barb except that I like armor and resists. He is looking for similar input - weak spots in build and gear. Thanks Again !
Hi, i will just list the common gearing/upgrade path, MP10 game play should have stats as below:

DPS: Min 200k ;
EHP: Min 60k HP + Min 800 AR + Min 3800 Armor

My suggestions:
Helm: Change to CC base Zuni Vision (Min 4.5%)
Amulet & Glove: You will easily get a decent bifecta ammy through craft, do this when you have the DE and golds, pray for trifecta gears.
Shoulder: Craft, will be quite easier to get Dual Int + AR + Vit / Life.
Bracer: Same, aim for Dual Int + AR + Vit + CC, if lucky you will get PUR / HGB / DR.
Belt: Witching Hour is BIS here, buy within your budget. Additional of the stats like Vit / Life / AR / Armor are the price changer.
Pants: Seem good for now.
Boots: Add AR if you have budget, else add the 2 useful stats from Armor / PUR / HGB / high Vit.
Rings: Min Int + CC + CD, if you have budget add AR / Avg Damage.
Mojo: This is the good place to add Vit. if you can get PUR at other gears, change Frog to other high DPS mojo, such as Snake or CC base Skull / Chicken.
Weapon: You need a weapon with socket. MCK with Socket + Ruby; or a Black weapon with CD + LS + socket (if have budget get some Int).

PS: You need more Vit to make your high stack of Life% works, you will see the HP boost when you have around 1000 Vit.

Good luck.
So, first and foremost, the both of you need to start crafting. Bracers, Gloves, Amulets, and Shoulders. Archon plans of strength (barb) and int (WD) are super cheap. I imagine you both have some Demonic Essences saved up, so you should be able to craft some upgrades quickly.

Secondly, for individual gear… (realize that these are just my opinions; others may have different views).

For you, I would suggest buying a Skorn with Int and Life Steal. I haven't checked prices on the low end, but I imagine you can get a low-ish DPS one for cheap. If you can find one around 1200 DPS, and you put a decent sized emerald in it, you will notice a few changes with your build. First off, your survivability is going to jump quite a bit. Even though you will lose health because of your vit rolls on your knife and mojo, you will notice an increase in how long you can stand there grinding your foes. Also, you will notice that your mana issues become moot. With a low attack speed, you won't need Blood Ritual and you can put on Spirit Vessel. SV will allow you an extra life, as well as allow you to cast Spirit Walk more often. Next, you can change your Soul Harvest rune to Vengeful Spirit, which acts like a free health potion and hits pretty hard, too. You can also drop Horrify-Frightening Aspect and put on BBV-Slam Dance. All of that should make the grind go faster.

Try to drop the random resist on your Zuni chest and pick up an armor or Vit roll. Your EHP stats on your pants are going to hard to make up elsewhere, but you don't need the LoH with a Skorn, so you can try to pick up something with armor, all res, vit and int, as well as two sockets. Cheap rare pants can be had on the AH, but to make up the EHP will be tough for cheap. Depth diggers might be an option, but they can be pricey with the right stats. I would check it out though. Eventually you will also want to buy a Witching Hour with decent EHP stats, too, but prices get steep. The random resist on your boots could be vit, amor or all res…but I'm not sure the price range of those. Realize that the more Vit you have, the more your Life % bonus is going to help. It might be more beneficial to get Vit at this point.

The good news is a lot of the gear you need is going for cheaper than usual because of the expansion. In time, you can get there.

P.S.- Keep in mind you can keep using a 1H + Mojo, no shame in that, but you can pick up a good Thing of the Deep for really cheap, relatively speaking. I know that they have average damage of 200+ for under a mil, which could be a big upgrade. Look into that if you chose that route. I used to run 1H+Mojo, but Skorn changed my perspective and my ability to run higher MPs with ease.

As for crafting, look for Vit, armor, and all res on your shoulders. Similar stats on you bracers, but with crit chance. Crit chance and crit hit on your amulet and gloves.

In the end, you want about 700 All Res, 3500 Armor, 60k HP, and 200k DPS (can probably get by with 180k with a 2h weapon).

Now, for you Barb friend…

I'm not going to be a ton of help here, but his biggest flaw, in my opinion, is his build. Whirlwind is so easy to play and powerful, that it almost seems silly not to play. Check out my barb and ask him to try it out. Have him play it like this: Ancient Spear to generate fury, cast Battle Rage, then just just start whirlwinding and casting Run like the Wind and Overpower (in that order).

As long as he can survive, he can run Rend instead of Ancient Spear…takes some getting used to, but it can be really OP. At lower MPs I would actually suggest it, but I like Ancient Spear because it lets me get into the thick of it more quickly.

Again, I am going to suggest a Life Steal Skorn for him. This will allow him to drop the IK belt and pick up a Witching Hour. The 4th piece of IK gear isn't helping him, so he might as well drop some EHP and get some DPS. He should also pick up either a pain of Inna's Temperance (pants) or Lacuni Prowlers (bracers) to add movement speed…this will help with his whirlwhinding.

Also, I would try to get a ring with Crit Chance and Crit Damage, Strength and Vit (or Armor and All Res)…

I think, if memory serves me correct, he should shoot for 600 All Res, 60k HP, 6000 Armor, and 200k DPS. Those, I think, are stats for MP10. My barb can only run MP8 efficiently, but survives on MP10 for the most part.

Anyways…hope that helps some. If you have questions, get ahold of me in-game. I can help you out on the AH, if you want.

For the both of you, do you know about d3up.com? You can look at raw numbers for gear you are considering buying before you actually buy it. It's really nice. Diabro3.com will tell you which MP they suggest you run, which really means face roll, but I generally run an MP or two higher.
01/01/2014 05:59 AMPosted by KentLau
DPS: Min 200k ; EHP: Min 60k HP + Min 800 AR + Min 3800 Armor

these are made up stats and are far away from the truth! MP10 can be done with 100K DPS and 450K EHP or 200K DPS and 350K EHP! I never had in my life 800 allres, even now with 750 i feel immortal! Who made these stats? And 60K HP? OMFG, 45-50K is more than enough, even for full retards! Dont get me started on the armour :)

@op: after these wall of texts, there are 3 very simple things u need to do in order to farm MP10:

- craftr new bracers
- get socket on the manajuma
- get witching hour

Also you can replace BR with SV

If u still have some gold, after above changes, replace the marrow with higher vit and dont bother for the life%

hANNO, you really think all he needs is a socket and a WH on a 5m budget to jump into mp10? Maybe if you have mad skill, but jumping from mp6 to mp10 takes a period of adjustment. And gear makes that adjustment infinitely easier.

I have a Skorn if you want it Fermi. hANNO is even on record, somewhere in one of these 1H vs 2H threads, as saying Skorn is easier and better for lesser geared docs. If you don't want to !@#$ around and be repositioning all day, dealing with mana issues, get a Skorn. Once you get better geared for mp10, switch back to 1H+OH
Thank you to everyone for all the detailed responses. I'm going to go through everything in detail, and make economical changes where possible - again, really appreciate you guys taking the time to respond.
We felt like we are getting to a point where progression slowed, and weren't sure what to fix next - this is super helpful.
Like I said, I have an extra LS Skorn if you want it, for free. You can try it out, keep it either way…put your gold into something else if you like it.

Just add me in game: butterynugs#1889
I don't mess with Hanno, he never lost.

You can follow Hanno adventure style, go high IAS & DPS, with low EHP and skillful live in the spirit style.

@ Fermi, the stats I suggestted are the decent DPS + EHP for average WD to play casual games, you will have enough DPS to kill while comfortable EHP to hold a few hits.
01/01/2014 11:32 AMPosted by KentLau
are the decent DPS + EHP for average WD to play casual games, you will have enough DPS to kill while comfortable EHP to hold a few hits.

i dont want to argue either, its just that these stats seems too high ... and honestly beyond reach unless u sacrifice DPS or if you have unlimited funds ... not to mention his budget of 5 mln :S

You were right that the trifecta gloves are better and soon i will show u why :)

01/01/2014 09:45 AMPosted by ButteryNugs
hANNO, you really think all he needs is a socket and a WH on a 5m budget to jump into mp10?

and new bracers :) These changes will give him like 40-50K more DPS and more EHP, which will be enough for MP10 farming, it will be slow, but doable. And MP10 is all about gear+build. i dont think any skill is required, except to time your SW and learn to position in the middle of the mobs before starting to CoB

If you give him your skorn, give him also PuR
He has PuR on his boots. Think he needs more?

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