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Witch Doctor
I have 120k dps with my zero dogger with , with SOJ. Should i trade some res all and life for 11k more dps and more attack speed(switching gems and pants for innas, bracer for lacunis), or should I stay like this?

I am asking because I die anyway if im not careful. Maybe i need to L2P. Maybe I need more mit, im at 84,66%. Help.
Tbh I think it would depend on what mp lvl you are farming. Based on your stats I'd recommend farming mp8 until you can get a few more upgrades. 0 Dog is probably one of the most difficult builds to gear for in regards to balancing your dps and ehp with your upgrades. I think if you wanted to farm mp8 you could probably go ahead and take the dps upgrade & ehp downgrade and you should be ok.

If you are aiming for mp10 farming you want to aim for about 85% to 86% TDR and 65-70k health with a recommended 150k+ dps. Although you can farm mp10 with less dps, it is very inefficient/slow but that will be your call not anyone elses.

When I started with 0 Dog I was at 130k dps farming mp10 which was not the wises thing for me to do. If I were to do it all over again knowing what I know now I would have done mp8 but I was stubborn and set on doing mp10.

If you have any other questions Ill do what I can to advise.


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