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Witch Doctor
Hi guys im having a lot of probs in mp10 cant stay alive on most trash. Mp8 seems to be my max i still have probs with elite packs but i can kill them if im lucky. Just wanted to see if anyone could look my gear over an see what stats i should be trying to reach first. I just wanna be able to do mp10 dont have to be smooth. Im running firebat build tysm for you're time.

Have you ever tried Hex - Jinx as an alternative for Big Bad Voodoo?
This skill is awesome versus elite packs, just try it out. The good thing about hex is that it doesn't interrupt your chaneling of CoB. As for the gear, i believe your crit chance is a bit low (27%: should aim for 40 at least imo).
I would try to get at least 4.5% in zuni helm, take out the pickup radius as you don't really need more then the 6% from witching hour. The point is that once you start chaneling, you dont get the bonus from globes for Gruesome Feast. That leaves more globes after killing the pack and you move on to the next while taking these left-over globes.
I would switch out the rare ring for Stone of Jordan. Try to get one with +X to locust damage, it will greatly help your LS.
You need more all res. Litany could be better than the rare ring, so plug prospective changes into d3up.com and see what it seems to do for your dps and ehp. You could upgrade your chest to one with reduced damage from elites, which should add more ehp per % even than life %. I believe it's also not factored into diminishing returns like all res and armor are, so it makes a big difference at the high end of mitigation. I've been working on getting my wd mp10 ready too, and I'm in the same boat your are. Melting elites like they're nothing on mp7, but mp10 just isn't happening yet.
OP, as a 2-H user, u need get more cc possible due to lack of possible 10 cc from mojo.. so Helm nedd cc (5++) drop some int if too expensive..your amulet need 8.5++ cc too. your chest need +% life or +armor.. your rings need higher cc too...
Its simple. You want to stay alive, you need more EHP but also change your skills.

My personal preference for your skills is to do the following:
Paranoia to Horrify
Honoured guest to Jaunt
Jungle Fortitude to Spirit Vessel

Jinx is a possibility too instead of BBV.

In terms of equipment:
Overall - You do need more VIT and more AR.

I would get more AR on your shoulders. Crafting or Vile Ward
Bracers - Ideally you want Int+Vit, CC and AR. Crafting is ideal here.

Pants - or alternatively get some more STR or DEX. DEX is great for dodge and STR gives ARmour.

Gloves, they are pretty good gloves, but perhaps look at getting some AR and VIT on them too without sacrificing INT/ CC and CD.

First thing I see when I look at your scorn is the low CD. I know its expensive, but perhaps look at alternatives such as high int (400-500) with a high CD (180%). Obviously with LS and high DPS. I know the price will be high but balance it out.

You can definitely get more INT and if you got the money, Armour here too.

Head piece
Already stated, if you can get a CC that will be great for DPS.
Its simple, for mp10 u need 60k life. Add more life, and u will have ore time to recoup your life back.

U dont need a dmg if u dying, add more vit for sure. U may kill slower, but u will live.

U can get a hell ring (vit HF ring adds ~200vit and it will serve u better than what u have now )

Sometimes less is more, :P </>applies here.

And if u need a hell ring, add me, I can get u 1 when Ill do ubers.

And major upgrade will come from crafting, so craft/craft/craft!!!
Your WD and mine have about the same dps when running CoB. If you like, add me in game and we can both go kill trash mobs. Along the way, we pick up 5 stacks of NV and then get a key for fun.
15% more resist
15% more armor
15% more life
15% more DPS


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