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What's up Docs. I consider myself a new and happy WD player.

I've only played WD < 100 hours so I still consider myself a noob. I just want to say wow I was missing out. I avoided WD for so long because I never found a synergy I liked and the hunchback holding a chicken thing is just weird.

What a fun class. Kills elites as fast or faster than my nicely geared barb and the resource management is tricky but fun. A ring from my wiz and a mace from my barb and some relatively cheap gear and this guy runs mp10 very nicely.

Have only played CoB so far. Any tips on my build or gear direction are appreciated.
Hi, you can add 1 more slot of AR to have >800 AR in total, then you can drop the passive JF for SV.
SV give you shorter cool down for SW and also second life, which you can attack in more aggressive way.
Thanks for the tip. I threw on a CD litany and a different crafted amulet and bumped my resists up by 140, elite reduction up by 6%, dps down by 20k, and switched JF for SV. The second life didn't proc at all on an mp10 run and I loved the perma-spirit walk so I think I'll stick with it. Cool.
The 2nd life will likely to proc if you use sword/knife, as the damage range are low/wide, the LS return are lesser.
I believe you can face tank most of the elites without switching location/ recast COB, even with all the arcane, bomb, fire, lightning.... While you will hit 5sec max power COB with 2-4 Mil DPS number per tick , and spirit always with you, :)
welcome to the wd ship.. while the is some basics to learn the play style is very customizable and diverse.. I have a Little over 1.5k hours with wd and and I have yet to meet others that play like me.. yeah builds are similar and also gear but even friends the regularly play with me as WD has their own way of doing things..

add me if you feel like in game and we could do some runs..

happy New Year

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