dh has problems

Demon Hunter
Okay, just purchased the digital deluxe. Looks like I can play some ROS if I choose....
Fairness and balance to all class can be achieved in this way:

Speed farm low lvls out perform slow farming on T1 to T6 ..

Low lvl game play to find powerful items to play Endgame content.

Endgame content = slow farm for 1 or 2 GG items per class ..

T1-T6 should a challenge ALWAYS with QUALITY rewards.. NOT quantity rewards. You should NEVER - EVER be able to speed farm T6 like we see M10 get murdered.

But this won't ever happen.. The current progression system will never allow it. Low lvl = low quality / low quantity .. Higher endgame content = endgame gear with massive quantity.

The line between Farming and Challenge gameplays is blurred !

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