Day 1 achievements lock bug

Bug Report
Since day 1 (May 15, 2012) my achievements have been locked, as seen on the screenshots below.

I'd apreciate it if i could finish my Act 1 achievements before the release of RoS.
Hello Farax,

This problem is one that blizzard refuses to acknowledge, and I feel your pain. United we stand my friend, affected players have begun to unite here to try and give this issue (indeed over a year old bug now) the attention it deserves.

I would also like to get 100% achievements before RoS.
I have a problem with the shrine it has logged every shrine but still has not givin me the achievement I have even sent in a ticket and they said they were working on it and that was in september of 2012
Hi, guys!

I have the same issue. It would be just great if tech support pays us some attention at least this time.

same here, day 1 problem :(

link to my thread with same problem:

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