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Witch Doctor
I made a wd yesterday and so far I really like it. I used most of my wiz gear but I also bought 5-6 pieces for him. I enjoy playing pub games, mostly crypts to xp very fast! Id like to have some feedback on the gear and also on the skills im using. Keep in mind this is only a side character to keep me interested when I get bored of wiz. Thanks in advance :)
I like all your gear you tick the boxes for mp10 solo obviously personal choice but cloud of bats build plus skills on my wd are the most popular for paragon 50 to 100 soj may help with elites and honoured guest rune keeps the mana up need attack speed down round 1.5 to 1.6 that is definitely different to wiz otherwise mana goes down and you die pretty quick
your gear is fine, except the gloves, which are very low on DPS. Try your luck with crafting

For XP farming in act1, try a standard CoB build:!TYe!caZcYb

try to reach 2.0 APS, after you reach good crit chance/dmg rolls.

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