Vet my WD Please

Witch Doctor
Any tips on build/itemization would be much appreciated.

Got that Skysplitter on a run tonight, lucky for some LS finally, I'm wondering where to start w/ upgrades now.

what does your gold stack look like?
not much 5-6 mill
Looks like you can get a 4.5+% LS scorn for about 3 million with about 1200 DPS, grab one of those first. The 1H setup is more expensive to gear. Socket it with the best green gem you can get.

Replace the yellow ring with a 500k int litany. Also for about 500k looks like you can get some better pants with more Int/Vit/AR and sockets.

With the remaining budget, I'd start by crafting better int shoulders and int bracers. Shoulders need Int, Vit, AR, ideally with Str and Armor. Bracers should have Int, AR, and 6% CC on bracers, ideally with Vit.

From there, it's rough, since CC Zuni Pox's seem to start around 15mil right now, but that's probably your next best move from there. Though with a skorn and using CoB you might be able to get by without the full Zuni set until you can get a CC pox, especially if you use the mana rune on Locust Swarm.

Anyway, that's the road I'd recommend.
imo hang onto that sky splitter for a week before you look to upgrade it, that way you'll always remember it as that cool legendary upgrade you found with the neat effects. Afterwards yeah, find a weapon upgrade and turn your sky splitter into a nice brimstone. Something like manajuma's are a dime a dozen immediately below the top end and give you all you need as a starting point. An easy pick up for only a few hundred thousand, something you can farm up again in a day.

You should be able easily bid on a totd upgrade for your mojo within 200k as a starting point. That way you get the pick up radius, mana regen, max mana, and hopefully a hp boost as well if you get one with vitality. You didn't specify you were focusing on a build and since you've already got the 4 piece zuni without the mojo it'll give you the most flexibility in build choice while you play around.

Vile wards for your shoulders would be your third easy pick up, something to give your WD a little more beef.


Nothing too mind blowing gear wise and all super cheap so at the end of the day you won't really feel like you've spent anything while you prepare to start refocusing your general gear stat allocation. A more detailed list of suggestions would be more appropriate for a larger budget so I've tried to keep it simple. Also, if it's not the approach you're looking for then feel free to dismiss my suggestions.
Is the pestilence/cob still a viable build, esp with the LS now or should I be looking at something else?

I like CoB but I hate the attack range on it, I don't have anything like a monk for vortex effects or anything either.
Pestilence/CoB is easy mode. The range on CoB stinks, but with pestilence most mobs will come to you. Also, you can use Hex/Jinx to turn elites into pigs that will stay in place while you burn them down. It's very nice synergy.

There are many other viable builds, but they tend to require better and more specialized gear. I think you'll be amazed at how much easier your mana flows with a 2H Skorn, allowing you to focus on pure DPS/EHP stats on your gear instead of any form of mana reduction and delicate balance with AS. And the high LS (at least 4.5, but 5.5+ even better) will keep you alive even with lower EHP. Basically you'll want to increase your EHP (or decrease the monster level) so that you can survive at least one "alpha strike" like the beast charge in Act 1 Fields. Because once you start grinding mobs with CoB, the LS will keep you alive through an amazing amount of mayhem.
Also note that with a Skorn, the +dmg stats on gear are much less important. They are nice to be sure, but nowhere near as good as they are for 1H setups. I mention this because gear without +dmg tends to be cheaper.

If you can get a Vile Ward cheap with reasonable stats, grab that, but you'll eventually want to craft some int shoulders as an upgrade, since even the "good" rolls on int shoulders are usually equivalent to the nearly best of breed Vile Wards going for hundreds of millions on AH. So for a couple million in crafting, you should be able to do better than any Vile Wards you can afford (of course, it's RNG so you could also get unlucky as well :(

And of course, all of your current gear will basically be thrown away when RoS comes out, since the level 70 gear will be much better.

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