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Witch Doctor
I was looking for some feedback on my current WD build. It's very kite oriented, but I wanted to see what the community thought about it since it seems like most WD use different spells/skills.!YeT!bcZYcZ

Thanks guys.
I think you'd be better served if you replaced AC, Pyrogeist, and Manitou with Soul Harvest/Vengeful, and two out of three from Hex/Jinx, MC/Paranoia, and BBV/Slam (or possibly rain dance since you're using bears).

So instead of setting up AC/Pyro/Manitou, you just burn down whites without anything and upon hitting elites you throw down Hex/MC/BBV and then burn them down with your alternating CS/ZB spam.

If survival is an issue, take only one of Hex/MC/BBV along with Horrify/FA.

Also replace your Tal's belt with a Witching Hour. And probably work towards getting some nice Int/AR/Vit/CC bracers and unless they are godly Lacuni's replace the pants with Inna's Temperance (the closest to 200 combined points in Int and/or Vit that you can afford). The lack of CC on the bracers really hurts your DPS. You'll lose some EHP, but 106K HP is overkill (around 60K is usually the sweet spot) and the lost Vit will be compensated with the AR from the bracers and if you can get AR on the Witching Hour from that.

Using Inna's is also nice because it's pretty easy to swap in more rugged pants if you need it and can sacrifice the MS. So there's a little more flexibility than with Lacuni's.

Oh, and replace your Int/Vit Skorn with a 5.5%+ LS/Int version. You won't even remember what a reflect pack is after that change.

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