Haunt & Spirit Barrage in RoS

Witch Doctor
I played a Bonemancer back in D2 and really enjoyed it... I also enjoyed affliction lock in WoW (ages ago) So I'm drawn to a Spirit Essence Necro (Spirit Barrage, Haunt, etc) but neither spell has been all that popular from what I've seen... anyone know of their viability in RoS?
*Disclaimer: I merely dabble in D3 so if there are, in fact, good Spirit Barrage / Haunt WD's then I apologize and am thankful for any info. Thanks!

Oh I believe it will be very viable.

Even though creeping death passive may or may not be functioning as designed?...a WD needs to be more of a ranged attacker.

This build has great synergy.

Sorry about the sound.
Thanks Reaper!

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