Achievements act 2

Bug Report
I recently made a new account because I lost my old account because my E-mail was outdated. I bought Diablo 3 again and my achievemnts are bugged in Act 2. for example the first rush I didn't even get a achievement "unparalelled splendor" which you already get by simply playing whole act 2 only quest wise. I got it after doing it again but for example, it doesnt matter how many rockworms i kill or sand dwellers, I dont get the achievement beastslayer of caldeum. Same goes with some journals such as "the deserts aquaducts part 1 & 2" "On the desolate sands part 1 till 3" "Hunters journal part 1,2 and 6" "deceivers order part 3" "proclamation for the imperial guard" "crumbling journal" "leah's caldeum journal part 4" idk about 2 other journals though cuz idk if i encountered them yet but these are really troublesome since I want to get those achievements.

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