10 giant dogs [PTR]

Witch Doctor
So I've been having fun with this - http://i.imgur.com/IdfVKM1.png

Use normal 'Summon Zombie Dogs' and you end up with just the one giant dog. Seems OK, hits about as hard as a gargantuan but is tough as nails, haven't seen it drop below 90% life. I have about 500k toughness. http://i.imgur.com/8zHQpdI.jpg

I thought the giant dog would have gotten bigger with the more dogs I could muster, but it turns out it works a bit different.

Use 'Zombie Handler' passive and the single giant dog isn't any bigger. Can't tell if it is any stronger than the three dog version.

But - if you use the 'Circle of Life' Passive and you get 5 giant dogs. Use the 'Big Bad Voodoo skill' with 'Boogie Man' rune and you end up with 10 giant dogs. http://i.imgur.com/1OVmWkU.jpg

The 10 giant dogs are awesome and with the burning rune they seem to get through the mobs (well in master anyway).
Ha, that !@#$ is funny.

Has anyone heard if Boogie Man was intended to give you 10 dogs?

Also, Watts, not sure if you have tried or not, but I thought I remember someone saying that you can get 10 dogs from Boogie Man alone, so you might be able to open up another passive…
Now that is awesome. Has anyone tried this combo on Torment? I know the complaint is that pets don't survive but I bet that is different with these big guys.
Hey ButteryNugs you're right, can get 10 alone from Boogie Man so that opens up another passive.
Hope it will go live.
BIG fan of pets ^^
Ha ha.
Looks fun, but enjoy it while you can, gotta be a bug.
Thanks for the pictures, they still look kind of puny though. For some reason I was expecting gargantuan dogs to be the same size as the gargantuan. :(
what is needed to craft this item?

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