0 LS Builds?

Witch Doctor
Seeing as we wont be having life steal in RoS, I am wondering if anyone has tried running with 0 LS on higher MPs. I can do it on MP7 with hardly any DPS, but I am also relying on GF and Sac-Pride. You might think, "Why would Pride matter?" Well, the nerf to pride from 250 (ish, cant remember exact numbers) to 60, even with 5 CoL dogs, is pretty useless…it's like three bear casts--which may save you, but more often than not they will not.

Plus, I was also dependent on TotD (anyone found one on RoS yet? is the 20 PuR the same?) and GI to fuel my life when I was fighting mobs.

Now, I had no LoH and no Health Regen, or globe bonus. MP7 wasnt hard, but I died more than I have on MP10 all day in the short 30min I was playing around with it.

My EHP stats were something like 69k HP, 3850 Armor, 900 AR. I just bought a crappy little weapon to test it out, but my DPS was only something like 140k. With an actual socketed AS/CD sword, I would be at around 240k DPS. The question then becomes, do I sac ~40k dps to pick up an SoJ, drop bears cost another 10, while losing quite a bit of EHP from Litany…

I probably should consider kiting more, but you know how bears go…
I am just thinking here about possible RoS builds…this is what I would like to use eventually:

Main Hand: Last Breath
Off Hand: Homunculus
Belt: The one that turns health globes into bombs…or The Witching Hour

Havent thought about the other gear, yet, but the MH/OH are essential to my thinking

Active Skills
LC: Zombie Chargers--Zombie Bears
RC: MC--Unstable Realm
1: Spirit Walk--Honored Guest
2: BBV-Slam Dance or SH-Swallow Your Soul
3: Sacrifice--FtM
4: Zombie Dogs- Final Gift

Passive Skills
Blood Ritual
Spiritual Attunement
Tribal Rites
Grave Injustice

The Last Breath, TR, MC combo is still something I am very excited about. Mix that in with Dogs that are on a cool down of 15-25 seconds before GI, and you can probably have a few dogs to regen health at all times. Plus, you would have random globes from Final Gift, too.

I was running BR and SA together on the PTR and my bears were out for a while with a 2h…not sure how a 2h would work. Granted, I had 1300 mana and 83 mana regen. If Last Breath adds mana regen, that pushes 95 mana per second.

With 10% mana cost reduction (honestly i have no idea how this compares with other stuff at lvl 70, but…) and BR, your skills are costing 25% of their original cost. So bears now costs 113. Even at 1.5 APS, you are only spending 75 mana per second to take out confused enemies. Considering 1300 mana, that gives you 17 seconds of bears before you go OOM. (At 1.18 AS, 83 mana regen, 1300 mana, bears lasted for 26 seconds).

With the enemies confused, it might even be possible to use something like Physical Attunement over GI…something to play around with. Maybe, even, drop GI for CoL. Then drop Dogs, since you dont really need the FG HG, since FTM gives quite a bit of health to begin with, and put on Piranhas…or a different skill that lends towards survivability, like FA. Maybe even throw on a distance spell like WoS/SiW or AR:CB. If you dropped dogs, you could make room for a new Mojo, as well.

Wondering how it would work, too, if you didnt use Tribal Rites. If MC was on 5 sec cooldown (UR ruin with 40sec from LB), then you could use another passive, while using CoL. Pick one…I'd probably go with GI then. Cast Pirahnas, run up to mob, bears bears bears, MC, bears bears bears, repeat.

Dammit I wish I could test this stuff.

Anyhoo, 4:30am with nothing to do, so this is where that led me :P
Nugs : my usual build i run is stilll very very very viable in RoS.


The empty slot put in BBV:Slam or MC:Paranioa.

Stilll so OP.

Melt Torment as is.
Not really sure how it'll feel yet (ptr is a joke), but I'm guessing we'll analyse proc rates at release, find the biggest coefficient and tag that our loh hp refill skill until gear and builds settle down, for anyone who just wants to know how to survive it'll be fine.

We have healing skills, we have crowd control skills, they'll fill their niche. Personally I'm just going to dive in (dart) guns blazing and find my sweet spot scaling in increasingly defensive play by trial and error.
you will be using your LS weapon at the start of ROS, but soon will be made obsolete

Just keep in mind that you will want to stack massive amounts of LOH and LPS with your paragon points

BTW...I got invited to a group PTR game...Yeah guys not even close to being what you will run in ROS.

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