Sever: Most underrated item in the game.

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Why? The insane damage you get on a kill is calculated into the life steal%.

Meaning, if I'd normally kill a mob with a 300k crit, sever would boost that killshot to say, 200 million, with 3% life steal, you'd get the health back from that 200 million crit instead of the 300k!

Not to mention, you can get upwards of 25% damage to demons! It's true that it can only roll one random affix, and depending on your current gear situation and EHP you can decide whether you want an OS, or to have the lifesteal on it, itself.

With lifesteal on that weapon, you can generally be able to equip another weapon that has only damage mods on it, and still be ok. That makes it plenty cheaper to beef up your dps with another weapon that doesn't have lifesteal on it!

Or with an open socket, you can easily get some pretty nice damage boost, and allow your other weapon to have the lifesteal and OS.

If you don't look at paperdoll dps, you can get some pretty fantastic numbers for cheap. For example, I've got 93k dps on my monk. +19% to lit damage, + 21 to demons, + 29% from SOJ, +22% to lit fist, + 15% blazing wrath, +48% (24%) from aura = 154% damage to elite demons or approx 235k dps!

Not too shabby when you consider all the bonus healing I get from the proc, and the price.
this is probably why you arent very high level / well geared
My tempest rush gear is worth over 2 bil. Just saying.

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