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I truly don't know why but there are many item drops then have no specific qualities on them.
I think its harsh when you get a drop and it hes nothing special in it, could it be a bug in the drop system of some kind.
What do you think?

I think blizzard should check it and change it some how.
That's just one of many useless items. Wait until you get to paragon leveling if you haven't already. The items you find when you're at the stage of the game are pretty much all completely worthless. I'm not exaggerating either, the only reason I pick anything up is for the gold. You're pretty much reliant on legendary/set items at that point and most of those that you do find are either not good enough or not for your class.

I truly don't know what they were thinking when designing the items for this game. This game is mostly about looking for gear, but at a certain point gear no longer plays a role in things. This makes the game very different, and often very boring. I really hope loot 2.0 fixes all of this, but I'm not holding my breath.

They should incorporate wild card items into the game, make them rare to find like legendary items, or even more so. When you find one you can select which attributes you want with limits. This way you'll at least be able to use rare items you find, instead of hoping for them only to find they are worthless once identified.

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