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Hi Everyone,

I want to start by thanking Morogoth for taking the time to create this thread and gather all of this information into one place. We really appreciate it, and the effort you put into this clearly shows the passion you have for our community. I also wanted to take a few moments to provide an update to this issue, and hopefully give you all a bit of insight as to what are doing to address this.

Currently, we have some work planned to make changes to some of the underlying systems on which the Achievements feature is built and functions. These changes should provide us with the tools to resolve most (if not all) achievement-related issues by allowing achievements to be automatically and retroactively granted when the server detects that your account is missing an achievement that you have completed all of the criteria for. Unfortunately however, the changes needed to make this all work will require a patch to implement. While I cannot provide a specific date for when the necessary work will be completed and our potential solution will be in place, the current goal we have for finishing up this work is around patch 2.1.0. I want to stress that I absolutely cannot make promises about this timeline and that this could happen a bit later based on the progress made on other planned back-end changes between now and then. For now, however, that’s the plan.

We know this is something that a lot of players have been waiting on for quite some time, and as players ourselves, we sympathize with and share your frustrations. We really appreciate everyone’s patience and hope that this helps you all understand that we aren’t just sitting on our hands over this and that we want this fixed as much as you do. If I have any further information to provide, I will post it here.

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