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After 200 hours, monk play has been getting repetitive. I have been thinking about starting a DH with my old monk gear. Base on what I have, what do you recommend for specs for crypts and ubers. What stats should I aim for in weapon? Budget for bow and quiver is about 350mil gold.
Rapid Fire:Bombardment build with a Manticore crossbow + Dead Man's Legacy quiver is probably the easiest spec to use for crypts and ubers.

Manticore stats: High poison damage, high % weapon damage (at least 1.25k weapon DPS before adding gems) and 2 sockets for Ruby + Emerald.
Dead Man's Legacy (DML) stats: High dex/vit (200+/250+), rapid fire skill bonus, and IAS depending on which Rapid Fire attack speed breakpoint you want to aim for ( ).

The 1.82 aps breakpoint is probably the cheapest way for you to gear for, since you will be able to cross that breakpoint with any attack speed on DML with the current gear from your monk, potentially leaving you with a healthy leftover budget to get a good Manticore.
You have 44 ias from your gear alone. This can leave you various options....

With a 20 ias quiver, you will be at 64 ias.
With 11 ias manticore, you will be at the 2.00001 aps breakpoint. This will be great.

With a 19 ias quiver, you will be at 63 ias.
With 10 ias calamity, you will be at 2.85714 aps breakpoint. Your either your nat reflection or gloves need some crit damage :/
With 10 ias windforce, you will be at 2.50001 aps breakpoint. You probably not gonna use RF on windforce....

If you tried duel wielding with a non-ias off-hand crossbow, you will be at 59 ias (44 + 15). This is only 2 ias wasted for the 2.5001 aps breakpoint on the off-hand.

I hope this helps....(>^^)>
do u guys recommend loh or life steal with DH?
I personally like LoH. Just a few hundred LoH plus Vault:Trail of Cinders works like a charm for vaulting around to herd mobs while healing from any hits you took while doing that.

Life steal from weapon tends to be overshadowed by the 15~25% life steal that you can get from Shadow Power, unless you want to run a build without Shadow Power, in which case life steal would be much more useful, but it usually won't provide enough life steal for you to stand in the midst of everything and tank stuff unless you build the DH to be very tanky and/or combine it with a healthy amount of LoH and use LoH-friendly skills like Hungering Arrow:Cinder Arrow, Sentry:Chain of Torment and Vault:Trail of Cinder.

If you're going to play ranged and avoid getting hit as much as possible then life steal is pretty awesome.
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