PS3: Missing drops from elites in Coop

Console Bug Report
A friend joined my PS3 game the other day. From that point on, my drops from elites got severely diminished.

Despite my three Nephalem Valor stacks, I got drops such as:

- Tome of Secrets + Demonic Essense;
- A potion + Essence
- A white crossbow;
- A magic polearm;
- 856 gold;
- nothing at all;

Each one of these lines is the full drop from an elite pack while playing through Inferno Act I in Master 2 difficulty. I was the host. He joined me in mid game, not from the start. From his account, he was not getting my share of stuff (as in duplicated drops).

We "fixed" it by starting a new game, my buddy as a host. We were both getting regular drops (3-4 items, guaranteed yellow at NV3) from that point on.

I had noticed the same "nerf" on a previous day. As we were playing a 3-man game kinda rushing through content, I did not register any precise info on that one. I can tell I wasn't the host in that case, though.
This happens frequently, the less than elite drops from champ/leet packs.

There is no guaranteed rare from elites in the console game. You've been lucky enough to have received decent drops for the most part or maybe you just haven't noticed it before. What drops in a game is determined when you make a game.

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