Rate the Monk above you ~ Revision Pre-Xpac

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As spoke by Blizzard, the pre-xpac RoS will be released soon. Besides, the old rate thread was fulled. I think we can do some monks rating in here.

P.S. This thread is good for some players realize their gears and builds farming accordance with other player comments and ratings to improve their monks or for gear/build references.
@man u

Your new monk is almost as gg as what your old one was. I think you are in a perfect spot for the xpac and should have an easy time finding upgrades.

9/10 only because your old monk was better :)
Hello my fellow monk`s i have been away for awhile and thought i would return after i heard about RoS ptr.I went to the AH today and spent up on gear to cross over ($,$$$,$$$,$$$) lol O.o ouch.I`m pretty sure i have 535k EHP & 270k (500k buffed) DPS, feel free to reply if you think you can suggest some improvement`s. Because of RoS around the corner i have a bunch of epic gear & weapon`s that i would like to sell, but that`s another thread. Can`t wait for RoS to roll round until then i shall carry on the push for paragon 100, i can now finally get up to MP 10 Silver spire but it hurt`s like hell when i run into a blue mob from hell = Death lol.

Very tidy BladeMaster 7/10
Ummmm pretty sure my gems are max....
My bad, they are maxy. :)
Rate Lucy and tell 'er how much of a hoar she is.

Jeckel = rated secsi.

Sweet monk! Buts needs vit. IMO get rid of emeralds in chest and put amethysts. I think you'll lose around 14-15k dps but 6.5k life will put you in the >50k life zone.. and that's a good time. 9/10


Lucky needs more chd, cd% and ar. But other than that she looks soild. Reaally into the high dex,no Nats, and big armor. That witchy is dirty but you could use new pants. 8/10

nice monk


nice monk
@N1K0 9.9/10 Dude, how many hundreds of tries did it take to craft that ammy? Vury Nice homie.

zDPS in full effect! Nice life to boot.


I miss these threads...thanks MU for starting one up again.

Unfortunately, my male monks is partially naked and my female monk is streaking!

I'm just going to rate your Hardcore Monk. 5/10 he needs more life and more DPS. You also seem to be trying to stack 2 different resistances, stick to either Arcane or Cold.

Really nice monk. Your crafted chest is damn near perfect. My only suggestion would be to try get a little more armor just to help with ehp a bit. Your inna hat could do without the thorns. 8.7/10
01/09/2014 06:26 AMPosted by RiZzoy
@N1K0 9.9/10 Dude, how many hundreds of tries did it take to craft that ammy? Vury Nice homie.


9/10 very nice ZDS, my ZDS has p100, hope ur monk get p100 too :-)

i don't remeber how much i'm try crafting my ammy, but my friend ammy more nice :


348 dex
314 Vit
94 cd
10 cc

pass me please, next!!

So the big question I have about your spec is: why not simply run Nirvana?

I'm not sure why no LoH or LS with this particular spec — are you running lower MP and depending only on 52 LpSS & 1K health / sec?

Otherwise: Why no Inna's 2-piece? If you get chest & pants and gem them with dex, you can maintain around 45K health (gemming in the helm for life%), while upping your dps drastically as well as damage mitigation.

I simulated some of these items for you on d3up and saw net gains in DR and DPS with the loss of only 3K health. This should pay off against the bonus experience from the gem via efficiency, regardless of spec.

Also, with Inna's pants you no longer need Lacunis — crafted bracers are MUCH better both for DPS and defense, meaning you could potentially gain all that health back and more.

I see some high end items on your monk like a 6/9 mempo & trifecta nat's, so I assume you have a decent budget, but then really low end items that are hurting more than helping…  maybe I'm missing something here.

5/10… unique gear & spec, but not quite sure what your overall thought process or strategy is here beyond somehow prepping for RoS by getting used to no sustain, which is fine, but then again I might take a different approach here.
Lol I am using this build for Fitz's vota run challenge not at all my regular setup. I do however run mp10 without life steal.

This is one of my regular setups http://d3up.com/b/1274768/reaper

I also usually run shens but with the exp gem I need more ehp so that's why the EF and dagger
Lol I am using this build for Fitz's vota run challenge not at all my regular setup. I do however run mp10 without life steal.

Ahhh, I see! Yeah, I wish d3up was more popular around here.

Digging this other setup more :) Still not sure about the Lacunis, but it looks like you're pretty much set for RoS and why nitpick a guy running 226K / 650K ehp unbuffed? :)

9/10 because you're ready to dive into RoS with that LoH and succeed!
The lacunni is for the extra ias and move speed since using innas pants doesn't work as well. Blackthorns have loh and much better overall ehp.

I have a completed guide here http://usmonks.freeforums.org/the-loh-build-t72.html
01/10/2014 10:56 AMPosted by BladeMaster
I have a completed guide here http://usmonks.freeforums.org/the-loh-build-t72.html

I'll give this a read after work — looks worthy of some thought, thanks man!
Please rate my Asian monk. He's my cheapest (42,645 gold incl. gems) and possibly best budget dual wielder to date.

Go to profile and change us to kr.


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