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Hey all,
Ive decided to do a little give-a-way with unidentified legendary items which have potential to be GG (no frostburns or anything like that). Ive got a few so far including a WKL, manticore, TR ammy, and a few set pieces. Iam yet to work out any details on how it will work so any ideas will be appreciated.

I'll also be giving away approx 200m gold in a similar manner.

I will aim to do this next month to accumulate more items and gold, and before ROS.

edited the title too. felt that needed to be there.
first person to post perhaps? just a thought

It won't all be going to 1 person anyway. With items, I think I will try and split them into class groups. Non specific weapons will be a tough one if I face that. And with gold, depending on how much I gather, I aim aiming to do 10 lots of 20m. It doesnt seem like much, but come ROS thats a lot of enchanting for a new (poor) player.

But im still working out the details
dang, well if you wanna help out my DH or wiz feel free ;)
+1 for good aus/nz people :)
Great idea.
I may be happy to contribute some un-id legendarys that I find in the coming weeks for you to give away as well.

Let me know if you would like my contribution, add me in game or something
Detamaso - here is Wazz's old TR monk prep setup... should be something to work from...

Also check the stickied crypt thread:
Thanks for that.
I will use this as a basis to put something together.
I personally don't need anything, but just wanted to say how awesome of you WAZZ!

Hoping that it goes to deserving people, and they roll something well! ^_^
Nice of you WAZZ. Here's a suggestion, give it newbies starting out, they need the extra gear to farm efficiently.
newbies are def high on the list for the give-a-way. i remember being a newbie and getting a LOT of help from Nikki, without her and her help i wouldnt be where i am game wise
I'm willing to save up some uid legs -

@det - don't be too hard on your self we all have had to start somewhere, will help when needed, hit me up in game and I can help you with any questions you may have.

And don't worry about that game that was not prepped ( it's all good )
yes plz hope it will help me thanks
Not waiting til February for all prizes, due to (insert random reason).

Jordan is first winner, add me in game and ill hook you up.

Please, anyone if you know any NEW players who would like some help, let me kniw or get them to post here.
Hi WAZZ, not sure exactly what classifies as new but I just hit 100 hours in game and this is my first forum post :)
01/15/2014 06:03 PMPosted by BOOOOOOOOOLT
Hi WAZZ, not sure exactly what classifies as new but I just hit 100 hours in game and this is my first forum post :)

Gratz on you 1st 100 hours...

newbies would probably revolve around the level of gearing and their ability to handle higher MP levels.... where all the crypt runs, key farming and ubers are played.

You have a pretty good WD there :)
I stared playing D3 this week and could use anything you think would be a help :)
lol big deal just give to anyone ofcourse after you inspect his main toon if you see he has like 300k+ dps unbuffed on his main dont give him anything otherwise any other just donate them to poor players,i have really forgot how many barbs come in my game asking for help or gear after a quick look to see his main, barbs coming in game with 40kdps and take off with 200kdps gear unbuffed,and those was to people i dint know at all, just not post to donate because you will get all the beggars perhaps ,but in game you will find the player who can't get a single piece of gear due to bad luck or rng and by drop next to him 6-7 legendarys to take he {WILL NEVER FORGET}that moment,i do {LOL} have problems with some they dont want to take because they think i want to sell,but when i start unload they do realise is free,so not really worth it to post in here{find that weak players and supply them,i do it often,no asking antything for it{im gold cap}snipe
no asking antything for it{im gold cap}snipe

Well played... so what amount is gold cap actually? I will never reach it I am sure :)
i have 1 toon invantary full of unid items and a few other random leg items that Abend has donated.

probly have a few things for mutable toons.

just need ya to get on wazz and we can have a chat / transfer you some items if you want.

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