@Nyan ROS Beta

Demon Hunter
I was very impressed last night in how you built your DH in Beta ROS

Nice work!

That was a lot of fun to see, your snapshotting and gear swapping was impressive to say the least.

If you havn't done so already, can you share your builds with us so we can use these as potential options in ROS?

I realize that some mechanics of DH builds will change in final version, but at least it will give us an idea of what to shoot for.

I'm sure the community would love to see Vids of your play, builds, gear etc...and why you use them.

Thanks for your time on this.
I'll make a video when I come home ^.^
01/10/2014 07:34 AMPosted by VocaloidNyan
I'll make a video when I come home ^.^

Thanks bud
On your WD in RoS beta, can you tell me what was the original rolls on your witching hour? And when did you re-roll this?
It was a:

57 dex
161 INT
67 vit
ias 9%
CHD 50%

I rerolled it about a week ago.

I forgot what new stats were :P...when I log again tonight... Ill post it

original is on OOGABOOGA right now.

Remember the Viles I showed you last night?...that was a very nice reroll too, I rerolled the STR to INT..over 400 int is epic on that

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