farm mass daemonic essences...

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hey, whats the best way to do this? MP1 or higher? 15% drop off MP1 and 38% off 10...

also anyone want to grp and farm essences? :P
Simple: highest MP you can handle VOTA
For a DH id disagree with you there Abend. While i can do MP9-10 VOTA runs without any problem the time it takes to kill them is outwayed by the fact that if i drop down to a lower MP i can get an extra 20-30% DE's per hr. Of course if you're doing it in a group the highest MP you can run cleanly is the best one to go for.

When i do my DE farming i go into MP5-6 go full Nats set for extra disc. Use Tac Adv to it's full advantage and clear the map in less than 5min.

note. this is only for solo farming as i find it hard to get a dedicated team to go DE farmong these days!Zce!ZcZbYc

And this is the build i use.
Good points bob, the logic is applicable to any class really. I'm never one to advocate farming on an MP simply because you can survive it, so I apologise if that's what it looked like. I only wanted to provide a simple answer, which should have been: the highest MP you can effectively handle VOTA.

How do you know which MP you run effectively for solo farming for any class? Time yourself and calculate a rate of elite kills (e.g. elite kills/hour) on different MP - the MP where you get the highest rate of elite kills is the MP you should play. I recommend playing each MP in your range for half an hour to test properly.

Sorry Windup if you were looking for a simple answer (e.g. x DPS = MP 1, 2x DPS = MP2, etc, etc). It just doesn't work that way.
Get pages or books or tomes from the AH and wait for patch to see the "pumpking magic" :)
Cheers for the answers, running through on MP6 then doing KW. might try 7 later since i dont die except to the dam KW, hes a c*nt for DH's

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