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01/17/2014 07:09 PMPosted by Starbird
I like to think that the loot I'm admiring on some godly geared player has been earned legitimately, and I'd like to think that the loot others see on me is regarded similarly.

Thats the entire problem. Sums it up. People being jealous of someones else gear.
D3 is not a competitive game you got it right, so why the hell do you even care how someone else got his gear?

In my opinion it would´ve been possible to have a world with AH and true SF. The itemisation, its RNG and the drop balance just made the game an AH Loot Hunt.
Thats the point the devs were failing.

They are still failing to make a game where both play styles are possible and where one way does not outclass the other.

I see the crappy Loot on PTR, i see MF has been removed completely, i see BOA and then i know it will fail. Maybe with RoS there´s a slim chance since you can enchant but without RoS its game over if you play it because of the Loot.

Did the devs ever ask themselves why so many people used the AH? Its not because they don´t like to farm and are just lazy people, a few surely are. The most people farmed the AH because it was the only way to get upgrades.

An item system where players who farm the game get better the more they play, the lazy ones can still use the AH and no one has a disadvantage of using one of these methods. D3 never managed this and it will never manage this balance.

BOA is just the 180° turn, once it had been said it never will be possible in D3. It will fail just like the AH itemisation did.
I think D3v should be open trade... RoS BoA..

People that want to trade and hate RoS BoA don't buy it.. everyone wins..

1-60 open no boa.. Besides gold.. Strongly believe GOLD needs to be BOA..
61-70 BoA..
Because it's a terrible idea, I have no idea why anyone keeps bringing it up. It solves nothing, makes them create 2 separate modes of balance, and satisfies no one. BoA players will be aggravated when their ladder character is dumped into the wild west free trade server after a season, and free traders are going to want a ladder. It's an extremely bad move and only takes the current design situation to an exponent that doesn't solve any current issues.
01/21/2014 08:34 AMPosted by DimeBagDaryl
In fact out of every single person I play with i cannot find a single group of people still farming keys/ubers/DEs ...

OK now I know your wrong.. these forums each day and the grouping forum has people doing key runs and wanting help running ubers..

Not buying that one bit..
01/21/2014 08:34 AMPosted by DimeBagDaryl
didnt blizzard already try BoA craftables

The demonical essences and their BOA craftables are a good example how it could work.

Back that time many people had been concerned their Amus and Gloves will be worthless in the AH. They´ve been wrong. Gloves with decent rolls are still worth a lot since it is also hard to craft it.

But here´s the difference: You can chose to farm (DE) for an upgrade or to use the AH. I don´t think one of the two possible ways is better.

Why not making every item craftable?
Ok your group circle of friends I do not know...

But these forums say people still do that so.. either your circle is very small or they have farmed it enough to get about the best item they can and stopped..

Last post in general was 15hrs ago asking for carry.. I haven't even looked at the lfg forum..
01/21/2014 09:11 AMPosted by DimeBagDaryl
and thats the problem, they have farmed it enough to get about the best item they can and stopped, unless they want to gamble away 1-2b for possibly getting an upgrade. If you can get an upgrade in a week or two, that then takes MONTHS OR YEARS to upgrade, no one will want to do that and it will get old fast, which is exactly what happened to essences and keys/ubers.

So what did you do In d2 when this happened? I know what I did.. I make a new char and started all over...

I think people forget that... What did you do in d2? Ran baal pindle meph how many times?

How is that any different?
01/21/2014 03:28 AMPosted by DeadRu
I will post the same thing, I posted in other thread [ ]

Extend BoA to Friend Trade. If I want to give a Legendary to a friend of mine, because he wasn't in the game I created, I wanted to do that without the impossibility of BoA.
I don't want to wait every day and every minute to play Diablo with my friends, because they wake up later or they have to do stuff for a couple of hours, or maybe I'm at work and they're not. We fear if we play, and a good legendary not for me but for my friends, will drop from a monster and I can't trade it because BoA, same applies for them.

We've been talking about that, I we think the idea was good (BoA), but actually can't trade that objects with my friends is a big limitation.

Really, if you can't use it on your character or an alt de or vendor it. Your friends can play like everyone else. Of course all the rares can be traded. Suppose you need a legendary to de for a mat, are you going to give it to a friend so they can de it? You are talking the occasional legendary here correct. So your friend gets it can he then trade it to one of his friends This whole trading with friends is a joke. There are still ways you can help friends.

I don't know how are you normally play Diablo or other online games with your friends, but between my friends and I, we, at the same time we're playing together or not, save some good objects (weapons, armours) for the other friends who can't be at the party at that moment, in case it will be better than they have.
I'm philosophically opposed to binding of any kind on the grounds that it breaks immersion. I can't see how it fits within the game world. That said, it doesn't really have that much affect on me in most cases, as I only play alone or with real-life friends, not with random strangers. However, the cases where it does affect me ruin the experience and frustrate me to the point of losing interest in playing.

Some of my best experiences with Diablo II didn't actually occur while playing the game, but in telling a friend that I'd found an awesome item that would be great for their build. Part of that was because itemization was actually better than the gameplay in Diablo II -- it was more fun to talk about playing, or trade items, than to actually play the game. But it also made it a more social experience, actively thinking about your friends and what they might need, rather than just thinking about yourself and your own characters.

BOA makes Diablo into a game that you can't really play with other people. You can play alongside them, help them kill stuff, but you can't really interact as a community in a meaningful way. It makes it into a very selfish, self-centered game. It breaks the primary rationalization for not having an offline mode: the legitimacy of the in-game economy.

For me, it feels like I'll have to either treat the game as a single-player game, or have to schedule multiplayer in advance with those I want to play with. Because the moment I find something awesome for a friend while playing alone, and am not allowed to give it to them just because they weren't in the game with me is the moment I'll find the limitations too frustrating to put up with.

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