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Hi folks,

I'm a returning player, I've been back for around a week or so. I'm really enjoying my barb as WW spec, though I know I don't have him set up optimally. I'm looking to farm some paragon levels, I'm P8 thus far. I left D3 long before paragon levels were introduced.

Here's a direct link to him:

So far, I've been doing crypt runs on MP4 and I tear through it fairly well, but MP5 usually causes deaths on the elite there. I'll have a healthy budget of 400-500m when the transaction goes through (I had $20 to burn)

Anyone have some suggestions on how to use this budget effectively? I don't need to burn it all as I can use some of it come RoS as well.

Right now my tactics are to build some rage with cleave, then WW until revenge is available and use that. When I find the elite, I pop Wrath and Earthquake after gathering a few mobs around and just AoE it all at once. I do MP4 crypts in around 90 seconds for an average run.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I do enjoy the movement speed bonuses, so maybe Inna's and Tyreal's would be a good addition, I'm just not sure how useful they are outside of the run buff.
I changed my 1st post of the thread to reflect my decisions.
Stepping down from the gearing advice thread, i just dont have as much time nor the will to continue it.
I pre_purchased RoS hoping for something good in the released result, but not much i can test or amuse myself with at the moment. PTR being limited and all.
Picked up my old Gaming addiction of 6 years, *hides behind protective shield* W.O.W. again.
just casually gearing up my rogue over there.
Anyhow I will try to visit the forums here and there still. but will not be as active on gearing advice etc.
thx for all you helped and being so kind to all who asked the same question over and over again
soooooooo tempted to take shut down the last time.anyway....

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