[x-360 BUG] portal to high heavens SOLVED

Console Bug Report
quest :HEART OF SIN ,after the boss.

At the end of the quest ,after I killed Azmodan,i tried to go trought the portal to get into the high heaven.
while it's charging, xbox froze.
I've repeated it three times, then I tried to re-kill Azmodan but i've got a crash at the same point.
I'm playing with monk, at master 1 lvl, SOLO play.
ITALIAN version.

ps : i've tried to change everything (difficulty, equipment, follower) however crash occurs at the same point.

Please if someone knows how to bypass this issue it'd be great... i can't get done the game

SOLVED: my game was downloaded from xbox live ,so i tried to cancel and install it again .. it works now:)

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