Blizz is inviting streamers to office

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01/22/2014 03:37 PMPosted by Lylirra
i'm not saying that reflects poorly on you,

Nah. This one can legitimately fall on me. We've got a strong team and had I managed our other projects and timelines better (i.e. managed the resources better), it likely would have been fine. Not trying to fall on my sword or anything, just trying to place fault where it's due.

Lesson certainly learned and respected on my part.

while i can absolutely respect the fact that you are being accountable and taking responsibility, ultimately you are a part of blizzard as a whole, and blizzard (as a whole) is an unresponsive lumbering beast. it has taken two years now to remove a part of the game that was universally criticized. it has been two years now and we still dont have a proper form of pvp, etc. i'm really not trying to beat you up here, but perhaps you could pass it on to the powers that be that communication between community managers/developers and your fans leaves a lot to be desired. a whole lot.

cut down on the red tape. we just want to know whats going on, good or bad. some of us have been huge diablo fans for well over a decade. we've put our time, money, and passion into this franchise and i truly feel like we deserve better than months and months of silence.

I can't believe they are sending these 2 idiots's unreal how dumb this world can be. They have done nothing for this community and stop telling us they did, you are wrong and there are no arguing over this.

Again, this isn't some charity event that Blizzard is putting on for their most loyal fans/community members.

If you have an audience of prospective Blizzard customers, and your opinion influences whether or not they see the game favorably, then you are a candidate for this trip.

That is it.
01/22/2014 03:38 PMPosted by Boges
Why didn't you tell us you cut the program until now?

Pretty sure we've posted about it here and there, though granted not on the front page -- which, yeah, it probably should have gone. Not sure if it's worth making a post now, but it's something I'm totally happy to consider. We'd like to bring it back AtD back either way, at least to finish off the itemization questions, if not then continue it, but maybe in a different format based on feedback we got from participants.

Feel free to email me at if you got any additional suggestions, btw!

01/22/2014 03:40 PMPosted by QED
How does a team of 3 people including yourself constitute a "strong" team? that sounds downright understaffed to me

Strength isn't always related to size, though we've definitely staffed up since that point. (Also, note that each gameplay region -- US, LatAm, EU, TW, and KR -- has their own community team, and each of those community teams is totally dedicated to supporting players in their respective regions. There's a big ol' network of us, even if we don't all work in the same office.)
01/22/2014 03:50 PMPosted by Boges
I spent time reading and voting on questions for ask the devs only to be told now that they cut the program with out telling us.
I'm done here.
Have a good day.

I respect that completely, thanks for being honest like that. I'd certainly like to make that up to you and players who feel the same way by completing the last round before patch 2.0.1/RoS ships (noted this earlier, but you may have missed the post). Would you be willing to email at, like I offered before, and share your personal thoughts on what you'd like to see from AtD and how you'd like it to grow?

(That offers open to everyone, btw.)
01/22/2014 03:06 PMPosted by Lylirra
Like which ones (i.e. what do you personally define as important)?

1. Ok wen you ask:

2. When comes the next PTR patch?

3. Will the droprate of Legendary´s modified UP?

...when yes, then how much?

4. is there a possibility to get a hotfix for droprate in the next days?

5. will it be possible to get monthly updates for what the devs do, to optimize the Game?

can you answer this questions? -__-
I hope folks stop watching whoever shows up for this event.
01/22/2014 04:12 PMPosted by TheSaint
Lylirra, not trying to kick you when your down but, there are plenty of good ideas out there regarding communication.

I know, and I've probably seen most of them. Or many of them, at least. My post doesn't invalidate those at all and was more to encourage Boges specifically to share his thoughts.
I'm pretty disgusted they would actually invite Kongor. If you've ever watched the guy's stream, he is one of the most uptight, selfish people out there.

I'll give an example: at one point he was banning people that were watching Cro's stream instead of his.
Ms. Lylirra, how come you guys need to meet these cyber celebrities (that's all they really are) in person to understand what the community wants for this game? I really don't get it.

The summit actually has different goals than that. Did you read my earlier posts, out of curiosity? If not, I can link.

PS - You never bought me a beer at BlizzCon like you promised. :(
you guys are just spinning your wheels. These people get paid to talk us around in circles.

i don´t know wahts up with travis days Post but his Post make me really angry

we make droprate high so everybody will this game than turn down the droprate to let the player get "masochistic!" feelings by playing this game and wait next some weeks for the next time because we wanna know how much !@#$ the can eat after they give up and then to say: Hey its a joke the cake is not really! Waht a pice of... this guy say!

Ok I go relax a bit THX for nothing Bizz
Lylirra, not trying to kick you when your down but, there are plenty of good ideas out there regarding communication.

I know, and I've probably seen most of them. Or many of them, at least. My post doesn't invalidate those at all and was more to encourage Boges specifically to share his thoughts.

What do you think about the addition of...

1. Game names and public listings, including optional password and descriptions of what the game creator is trying to do (instead of public game hopping) and all current in game players/para levels/ and heros appearance (you worked so hard on the awesome transmog this is another way to show it!)

2. Hostile enable/disable option for open world pvp during game creation.

3. Allying in PVP so we can play 2v2 or 1v3 2v3, so our damage will not effect teamates. (currently not an option in this forced FFA system brawling has currently which isn't fun)

4. Dissconnect timers Like Starcraft 2 has giving 60 seconds to reconnect while the game is in a paused state for all players. vote/kick after timer expires. (atleast in hardcore mode)

**editied to add hardcore note above
Please do not invite those who exploit and blatantly use things like macros/automation that are against the rules. It makes it seem that Blizzard sanctions those activities and we end up having to deal with "so X streamer gets away with it so why can't I?" questions. They do it to suit themselves and get revenue, not to build community or support the game.

Please stick to inviting those who genuinely respect the Blizzard games and provide good feedback. Negative feedback is fine provided it is constructive and I likely share some of it - please keep the cheaters/selfish jerks out of it though.

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