Blizz is inviting streamers to office

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01/22/2014 09:21 AMPosted by unholy
hopefully they bluntly tell them whats wrong

like so..

x is wrong. period.

not..this indecisive crap ive been seeing to avoid hurt feelings

unfortunately I don't think most streamers know what's 'wrong'

they just complain a lot and some people like to watch them play - so they have more 'influence'

the truth is, what is WRONG starts and ends with "drop rate" and "content"

making it feel like work to find an upgrade (and it is hard in the new ros patch to upgrade my 67 barb) and giving us so few options of play mode and quests really hurts the overall quality of the game

it has great graphic, great mechanics and an absurd amount of potential but it just seems as though Blizz is withholding the fun on purpose
01/22/2014 09:30 AMPosted by KeAkua

oh man that is gross
01/22/2014 09:30 AMPosted by KeAkua

This is sick! Warn people not to watch it while you eat, LOL.

Back to the topic... I hope they say BoA is the devil in here and free trading is Diablo, like it has always been.
01/22/2014 09:30 AMPosted by KeAkua

He brings his own edibles, and Blizzard janitors won't have to clean the underside of the desk he sits at!
Hate to dissapoint, but in the Moldran video he states that there will not be a meeting with any of the d3 team ... there will be NO discussion (and the only streamer whose opinion I would more or less blindly trust would be that of INVIS)
Good. I can't see how this could possibly be bad and can foresee many ways this could be good for us. a chance for these guys to share ideas and discuss the games - good stuff.
Ahh more entertainment value ahead! Wine and Dining some streamers in paris, this should be good.
Taxi, hotel, plane tickets and presents send to KingKongor's home by Blizzard, I don't know man but I was laughing throughout the whole video considering he's been very negative about RoS, just trying to understand Blizzard's logic here :D
01/22/2014 04:41 AMPosted by KhaoS
Multiple streamers / youtubers are invited over to Paris and have all traveling costs covered, they are even paying the travel cost for KingKongor that has to come all the way from Canada.



Probably a good move, these guys will probably be hyping RoS more after that.

Great marketing trick but ... Blizzard became so uneasy with D3/RoS that need streamers to boost sales ? Does that mean that pre-order numbers are way lower than expected ? Whatever the case something is Off for blizzard to do this.
A free trip to Paris for popular streamers who have criticized the game.


Boy that'll make the gameplay better, what a pathetic joke. I posted this yesterday

" Blizzard will buy some advertising on several sites, maybe a commercial or 2. Then have a release party for gaming reporters, wine and dine them, give them free copies and maybe if they really carry on about how good the game is name an npc or a piece of gear after them in game."

Never occurred to me that they would resort to free trips to Europe.

It'll be interesting to see which streamers don't succumb to the obvious attempt to buy them off.
01/22/2014 10:00 AMPosted by KhaoS
just trying to understand Blizzard's logic here :D

Don't even bother. The only way you could possibly understand is if you were part of the cult in irvine.
You can see the desperation from Blizzard. They'll now do anything. Tread carefully and don't believe any second hand hype at face value.
I wonder if Blizzard will pickup cost of passport or shots.
LOL and I thought the booger-eating .gif was great, then I found this on Reddit.

THIS is the guy Blizzard is inviting to a D3 event??!! For what purpose? A highly active and well-speaking forum poster (someone known for feedback and not trolling/ranting) would be infinitely more valuable. Such dissapoint.
It's a community summit, wherein in fan sites and influencers from all of our different Blizzard communities (SC2, WoW, D3, and HS) based in Europe are invited to the local office in Versailles to come hang out, meet other players, meet the EU community team and learn a bit more about how they operate, and provide feedback about what the EU community team could be doing better. Our EU community team does this on the yearly, and we've had similar summits here in the US as well. (To my knowledge, this is actually the first year that the EU team has invited players who aren't directly affiliated with fan sites. They've hosted these summits for something like 5 years now, though -- which makes me wonder why this year's summit is suddenly causing concern.)

It's not a press tour or anything of the kind, particularly it since includes fan sites/influencers from all of our games, not just D3. It's more about getting some members of the local community together, understanding how everyone could work together better, and generally facilitating mingling among like-minded people ("like minded-people" = fan sites and influencers from all of Blizzard's different gaming communities).

edited to add a little clarity

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