Little help with new Archon wizard?

Hi Folks,
I have been doing a freeze wizard for a while but my fingers hurt all the time so I wanted to try something different. Archon is a lot of fun and easier on my hands. I bought some gear and am leveling fairly comfortably in mp8 alone or, to a lesser extent, in a group, but wanted some advice on what I could do to improve my equipment (or my build). Thanks so much in advance,

My advice would be to enjoy it while it lasts. The perma Archon that exists will be dead when the next patch comes out. So, not much value in spending too much time or effort to perfect it right about now.
Thanks for the advice. That's exactly what I want to do. I just need it long enough to level up my wiz to 100. I will worry about other builds after the expansion. Right now, I just need to add levels to my account. Thanks!
Any other opinions on equipment/builds?
Moar deeps. Shoulders and pants can be upgraded easily to get more int. Trium's +damage should be very easy to upgrade, too. Trifecta gloves will be a big plus, too. The time to switch to a crit mempo will come quick as well, and they're quite cheap these days.
Thanks, Silverfire.
check me, despite the longevity of the build I chose to optimize... last thing I found is NOW hysteria > anatomy, believe it or not it's another 60k DPS. ripping MP10 a new one, E's are <10sec...
and if you choose deep freeze learn how to use it properly
01/27/2014 09:57 AMPosted by silverfire
and they're quite cheap these days

hell yes, 90m for 4cc is a steal
Thanks for the comments, DethAxe. I didn't understand NOW hysteria > anatomy. Can you please explain. Thanks!
Without any buffs, Hysteria outperforms Anatomy from a pure DPS point of view. +6% damage beats +3% CC in almost every scenario (>40 CC, <650 CD):

However, Hysteria's damage buff is additive with your other buffs. Archon has a lot of those (+10-15% from MW, +12% from Sparkflint, +15% from GC), so the damage buff goes from +37-40% -> +43-46%, which is only a +4.3-4.4% damage buff. That changes the picture to:

Which is much more balanced.

And neither of these lines of reasoning take into account the effects that rely on having high CC, like APoC or CM for Wizards. Those are not as relevant for Archon builds as they are for others, but still have some impact.

So long story short: it depends and it's complicated. Nothing beats doing a few experiments with either setup and going with whatever does better for you.
That clarifies it for me, mzy. Thanks for taking the time. I have tried both and I think I like Hysteria better, though it may just be me trying to convince myself.

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