What's keeping me from the 230k dps range?

I feel like my gear is pretty good and I can handle my own in MP10..

But I feel like my paper dps is lower than it should be. What's the one thing holding me back from really amping up the damage? Is it my weapon/OH combo? I know it's not the best but it's what I could afford when I bought everything..
Coincidentally, I have an identical ice climber/stormcrow setup as you but with 2.74 aps bp, 244k dps, and 88% mitigation. I don't claim to be epic or anything of that nature, but I'm happy with the results and can tank most anything on mp10 in any zone which was my goal. I'm inching towards 260k dps which is my final goal, requiring a trif glove craft and gg OH upgrade.


Weaknesses in your gear
Amulet - low int, low avg damage
Gloves - no crit damage
OH - low average damage, low int
2nd ring - no crit damage, no average damage

Each of those spots could get you ~5k more dps easily. A better amulet and OH could get you 5-10k dps each.

If you can pickup a trif on your 1st ring, it would give you more room to upgrade your dps while maintaining your 2.51 aps breakpoint. Then you could look for trif gloves with only 7% ias, better 2nd ring with only 7% ias and CD, etc. Looking for strictly 9% ias gear filters out alot of potential and affordable dps upgrades.

Here you are uploaded into d3up: http://d3up.com/b/1321672

If you could get 30% CD on the glove and 30% CD on 2nd ring, you'd get over 20k dps and thatd put you past 200k dps already.
Thanks so much for your reply! I agree about the gloves and OH! I was looking at better CF's last night and they would give me anywhere from 10k to 15k extra dps. But gaaaaaahhhhh they are expensive!

I'll keep saving and searching for those dropped upgrades!

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