Can't login (Error 73)

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After hanging at authenticating, I get an error 73 message that there is a temporary battlenet problem. However, I can log on fine from the same computer on a different account. It is only this account that has problems.
me too
Same problem here, Error 73, but I only have one account.
Same here. East coast. Haven't played for a few months and this happens when I come back....Maybe it's a sign?
Maybe it is, because I just came back myself lol... Ugh.
I can login just fine but I am getting massive ping spikes from 80-100 up to 2-4k. It started this last night and has not stopped I am on the East coast too.
EDIT: Even getting an error when leaving public games.
Hey guys,

We are aware that some players are encountering error 73 when attempting to log in. Our Networking team is currently working on the issue. The issue doesn't seem to be affecting every login attempt since we do see some players getting in eventually.

If you encounter the error, try waiting 10-15 minutes and then attempt to log in again. We appreciate your patience while we work on this.

Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm Pacific Time
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Thanks for the info, Jurannok, I'm not sure if it helps but I've been having this error for about two and a half hours now.
also cant log in

Blizz also needs to fix the fact that everytime someone hasn't played in 3 months, 6 months a year. the very first log in attempt always ends in an error message. Must be a bug in itself. They must flag the account after so long not signing in i guess? Or maybe people are lying? I would sure hope not, lying is bad mmmkay.
please fix, been over 2 hours myself trying to log on
Yea blizz pls fix this, ive been trying for 2hrs plus and still a no go.
2hrs for me and still Error 73 :(
Same problem, been going on for 2 hours. I can log into the website fine, no game. And of course the server status site shows all is fine...
error 73 can't login
the 15 minute thing hasnt worked for me. I've been trying for an hour already
wife is sitting next to me and logged in fine....come on guys this sucks :-)
I type this on my computer that I just smashed. It no longer works. I blame you, Blizzard.

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