**SERVERS DOWN!** 1/30/2014 10:45pm EST

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Sorry all. I think it was the massive mob I pulled to the crypt entrance that did it.
Yahoo alerted everyone a couple hours ago that they were attacked with a compromised account credential spam-attempts.

Yahoo wasn't hacked, but other sites were and hacker tried logging into Yahoo accounts using the stolen credentials.
I hope its not another west coast thing like the last couple of times (comcast issues). I couldn't get past the authentication servers in the log in process this time.
HAve played 2 times in exactly 6 months and my 3rd time is a server crash.???? 2/3 isn't good enough blizz, you degenerate D-BAGS!!!!
mine too worse part is i got 4 legs off a mob start of game, no stacks was thinking it was going to be a good run mp8 lol well i must have broke it :(
Cmon fix it!
was running threw a zone that had no mobs in it and then I got DC'ed
someone post when they can log in....how long do these usually last?
Five words:

Jay. Wilson. Axe. Server. Room.
10:45 is spot on...

Well, at least I finished the crypt I was on.

well enough to be angry kinda :S
"Revennnnnnge!" - Conan the Barbarian
At first I thought some !@#-wipe was hacking me, but It's good to know I'm not the only one having troubles. Would have been nice for Blizzard to say SOMETHING to be honest xD But at any rate, nice to know I'm not being hacked, even if I can't connect on battle.net the desktop app and I'm sometimes logged out of my browser account on firefox xD
damn! my wizard.... she was about to flash me until i got DC'ed
In Europe we've had server malfunctions too. Now there is maintenance.
I hope it's not related to this:


If you log into any Blizzard games using your Yahoo Email & Password, you better change it now!
Close one. Glad I was in town. =D
Guys calm down, it happened just a few minutes ago you cant expect it to be fixed instantly. Yes its frustrating, but what can you do.
I, too, am stuck at <Authenticating Credentials.>

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