experienced DH needs help playing Wizard

I have played mostly my DH but now trying to learn the WD...just getting started and need help with builds and skills...I have been playing a CM WD I think...FN...slow time...WW...please look at my profile and see where I could improve...are there other ways to play the WD other than CM?...would you play differently in a group than alone?....I have not done an uber run yet...could I handle MP 10?...I am an older player and not as skilled as most of you so be kind LOL...I am also getting tennis elbow from hitting so many keys all the time...my friends say I need a script or a programmable keyboard and mouse...a steelseries has been ordered....I am not very tech savvy but would like to try to hit less keys...many thanks in advance for any help you find time to give me...
Hmm.. would probably make more sense if you didn't call a wizard a "WD" aka Witch Doctor :p

Anyway, you've got some really nice gear! You hit the APS break point well (2.73), sufficient MP10 numbers for LoH and APoC with good mitigation as well. The one thing you are lacking slightly is CC. With gear like this, I'm surprised you're not sitting on at least 60 CC.

Aside from increasing your CC, I would actually increase your LoH as well considering your DPS is bordering that point where RD might be an issue... especially if you're using Time Bomb for Explosive Blast. Switch that to Chain Reaction.

Are you playing in a group? This looks more like a team play build with Time Warp and Bone Chill. If not, I would switch Time Warp for teleport (rune of choice) and Bone Chill to Deep Freeze, considering you have somewhat low CC.

With the spamming of keys, you can try the method of holding down Explosive Blast and Diamond Skin and tapping your Frost Nova key. For this method, I recommend switching your skills around to 1 key DS, 2 key EB and 3 key FN all whilst holding down the mouse for WW. Order matters since it will cast that skill first. So what you would do is hold down 1 and 2 and spam 3.. this will at least alleviate some of your tennis elbow.

Also, with your gear, I don't know why you would need Unstable Anomoly. I recommend using Blur for more mitigation.

Otherwise, your gear is very solid.
thanks very much for your suggestions...I will try all of them....my sincere apology for using WD for the wizard...my mistake
Jedrome; an alternate easy method to play CM/WW without gettin carpal tunnel;

mapping two of the spammed skills (ds/eb/nova) to mousewheel up and mousewheel down; which ones you map is entirely up to you; I personally mapped eb and nova to the mousewheel and hold down ds (3) but you can do it in some other permutation
thanks Larry I will try your skill set and try to map my wheel but have no idea how to do that...off to do a google search...thanks for your comments and time

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