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It has been over three years since the iPhone series kinda just stopped. Sorry about that. I've been meaning to bring this back for ages but time and drive really held me back until now. Unlike the iPhone series this one is a more generic broad sweep for mobile wallpapers I hope I chose the right size. I will need help from everyone to make sure I get the size just right and universal like I have the main series and wallpapers.

I chose one of the larger formats I used from info on the wikipedia page on mobile wallpapers. I hope I chose well, and thankfully because of that size the name plate for Soulfyre can be carried over. I've thought about making a new mobile nameplate or just carry over the nameplates from the series the wallpapers are tied to. What do you think? Let me know down below I'll post this on reddit and twitter as well.

And as planned from last week I made the mobile version of my symbol if any are fans of it.

The desktop wallpaper can be viewed here:

With that I will see you guys next time.


The Runeweaver's Soulfyre Kal Rune (C) Me and made by me
The Diablo 3 Runes, Diablo 3 & Malthael (C) Blizzard
Soulfyre Runes by me & Built in CS3
The Spiral effect behind the Kal is by HeartbreakerStudios

Malthael: (size 640x960)


The Runeweaver's Soulfyre Kal:(size 640x960)


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