my archon, what to improve, got 1 bi

i know i have some flaws in gear like my mempo, and zuni pox..<br/>the problem is what most significant change i can make with 1 bi ?<br/>because everything costs a lot<br/><br/>btw. my archon is setuped to mp10 crypts, no problems so far with big lifesteal
cant delete. sorry double post
You know you can hit the Enter or Return key to go down a line, right?

Anyway, not sure why you have both LL and WW on your skill bar.

02/03/2014 01:02 PMPosted by rakz
i know i have some flaws in gear like my mempo, and zuni pox.

I think you have some major problems elsewhere. You have virtually no resistance on gear. Blur isn't going to save you and neither is LS in the toughest situations. If you can run MP10 effectively in that setup (little to no kiting, facetanking all sorts of elite affixes), I'd have to see proof. Sub-300K DPS, less than 50% crit chance fully buffed, and ridiculously low resistances? Dead DPS = Zero DPS.

You'll find more success tacking on more EHP and farming MP7-8 in the meantime. 1 billion gold used to be able to net a solid 350-400K buffed DPS, balanced EHP, LS Archon wizard capable of rolling through MP8 with ease. Should be even easier now. MP5 is already doable with 1M gold.
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I had this on bar to fast re-build archon when i wasnt in crypts

please tell me, the major advice in Where i start in build changes :(
and with your post.. im hunting a zuni chest.
75~all res

for 200m i found one.

and for 500m i got a trifecta zuni pox..

any other advice ? :( desesperated in increasing dps not making my ehp/resist as !@#$ as they are.

mempo with crit i very doubt i can afford
You have 1 Bill to spend?

Spend it on a weapon + triumverate.

Extra 100 INT on triumverate and get a weapon that has crit damage. Both combined will cost you less then 500m if you look around.

Why bother spending 200m on a chest ?
he said my resists are !@#$ty.. i looked into d3up and my tal rasha is rly bad as i dont rly need atkspd.

the combo 3 pieces 55 resists and the big EHP chest will make way better i think..

but upgrades in weapon is 300m for 15k damage :(
02/03/2014 03:46 PMPosted by rakz
i dont rly need atkspd.

You want DPS? You need tri stats in Gloves, rings and amulet.
actually i want stay with like 70~k hp, having 300k dps
thats a goal.. with suitable resists and armor
help :(
You need a new weapon like what you already have but with CHD. Mine only cost 100m bid win. But should be able to get a decent one for <300m.

Missing 12cc of your Zuni ring and Mempo also hurts a lot.
super expensive weapons like yours. also with close to ~1.50atkspd
850m to 20k dmg upgrade
76m to 16k dmg upgrade (but 1,30atkspd mace) 2,90LS with int

is ok going for mace ?
looks like stupid question and ill buy mace, i just dont want to spend over again and be squishy crap
mempho can i start with 3% cc ? zuni i already bidded a triffected
Mace is fine... just get Critical Damage affix on it as well as Lifesteal and Socket.
i know i must look gear guides etc but i just did please continuous making my gold worthy :D im loving it.. so far 236k dps unbuffed now
but 3761armor ~550 resists , 58k hp, 40crit and 747milion gold budget.

What i choose to replace.. lacunis or Inna's temp? i think one of those is really !@#$ing me up looking d3up.. the triumvirate is too much $ for lower damage increase i think. because im missing in some stats like trifectas and good bifectas i think not mainly in int vit
For 1B, you should have plenty of money to build a good set...
1) Craft some damn shoulders to save money, your shoulders are like starter shoulders

2) Craft some damn bracers instead of your lacunis. Save money here too. If you dont want to craft bracer, then you can go depth digger pants which has all resist and vitality, DPS will be close to inna.

3) Weapon / triumverate, your biggest DPS items, I recently shopped for my friend and spent 450m on his weapon and triumverate he gained over 50k DPS from those 2 items, your trium is not bad, but can be better for cheap. if You go digger pants, you can go no vit tirum and 200+ int for more dps.

4) your rings are terrible. even 100m each ring will help, you dont need to buy a trifecta pox that is a bad decision because you have no gold ..... just get a cheap CD/CC with socket or average damage pox instead of trifecta and save a couple hundred mil.

CC% mempo is nice, but maybe last choice for now, 3.5CC around 60-80m now, so cheap.

You hear me ? What is the point of spending couple hundred mil on trifecta pox ? instead spend 80-100m on several item because all your gear can use help.

Weapon should be most expensive item because most dps come from it.
well pox is my mainly item that i will use in WD too. in my 0dogs wd i need those atkspd etc.
i spended well to be a long time item for me.. it is increasing 20k dps without counting the socket against my old one for 500m.

is there anyone that i can look gear and take some ideas ? :(
i also focus on HP cant go totally dps trium.. i already got a nice belt i think focusing on it.

and yes im crafting both everyday.. also crafting VIT shoulders
and INT bracers

i liked the suggestions ill sell this cheap crap unity ring but i have only one last question
May i go Zuni chest? even spending 150~m average to get sick armor and resist buff?(with cost of 5-8k dps)

really reallly apreciated the suggestions.. i was lost.. now only 1/2 lost
If you have a billion to spend... and you plan on getting the expansion, at this point I'd just keep that gold and not spend on anything. If anything maybe a nice WH (even 90 int ones dominate everything dps-wise in RoS).
Yes go zuni chest is OKAY, you will lose DPS, but can make back with triumverate and weapon.

But good idea to use zuni chest because your eHP stats are very low already to do higher MP.

So yes go ahead.

Better shoulder and crafted bracer will also boost your EHP, so you won't be as squishy.
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