easiest upgrade i could make to my monk?


Been playing mp 8-9 & doing not bad. At about 5000 armor 660 all res (stacked cold res) 54% crit chance & 62% dodge. Any tips appreciated!
Your damage mitigation might be a bit low for single life steal.

I would suggest swapping out your off hand for dual life steal.

You should be able to handle MP10 without any problems with dual life steal. Also, since it looks like you have a bell build, try getting an offhand with lots of Dex, Crit Dmg, life steal, and a socket. An EF I think would be bis if you can get over the fear factor.

Lastly, put a ruby in the main hand to maximize bell damage. your total DPS will dip but your over-all damage output goes up.
EF can't have crit dmg + life steal :/ (with a socket anyway)
I'm starting to realize dodge is pretty useless too (at least for whats killing me. Ie: lava/arcanes/poison from elites) thinking maybe I should switch up mantras

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