Give me one thing to fix

I'm a very casual player. I am capable, however, of following instructions and figuring some things out for myself. I was hoping someone who is interested in the world of Barbarians could tell me what the main thing would be you would fix if you were me. If you want to add more things to fix that's fine too, but I was trying to not be too presumptuous since I'm already asking for help from people who have invested more care into the game than I have.

I really just geared and what-not by intuition thus far, and by trying to glean things from blogs.

I'm assuming thus far that the main answer is going to lie in my skill choices.

Assume I know I need to get radiant stars. Assume my budget is garbage (1 to 2 million), but I'm also willing to slowly grind to get something if it's very important.
Two easy ones. Change Nerves of Steal for Ruthless and get a IK armor with as much Vit as you can afford.

02/05/2014 11:29 AMPosted by Dwic
Two easy ones. Change Nerves of Steal for Relentless and get a IK armor with as much Vit as you can afford.


Will do and very easy to work on, thanks much.
Ment Ruthless.
Two others.. Change Battle rage (Maurader) to Into the Fray. Helps with fury and allows your WW to be used more. Also change your WW rune to Hurricane so you dont loose any movement speed.

Another cheep one is to use Sprint (Run Like the Wind) skill and always keep it going. Its cheep but can be difficult to master. Once you do, the Tornado's do WAY more damage than you WW ever will.
Dwic you are one of the people that make the gaming community more fun, thanks. Back when I was playing more seriously I always tried to be that guy too ;O)
Thank you sir (or madam). I may have a spare IK armor if I did not loose it with the AH disaster.

I might be on later around 7EST.

Its not great but its free.

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