Barbarian Glitch/Bug

Console Bug Report
I have been playing Diablo 3 on console with my friend thats a witch doctor and i seem to get frozen in place at times when whirlwinding but yet the game continues to go on, I dont disconnect and my character will not die he will have an empty health bar but not die at all. I can leave the game re-join and still keep my valor but it is an annoyance that should b fixed.
Am i going to get a repsonse about my post? I can see support really cares about players issues.
So nobody replies to these at all? does blizzard only care about the PC version? jeeze i have lost all faith with this company. we all payed money for the game and are lining your pockets with cash I would at least hope you could get a response on if they are going to fix anything on the console. Total BS.

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