Freezing occuring,

Console Bug Report
Xbox 360, Lvl 50 Witch Doctor, Nightmare, Act 3 Keep Depths lvl 2, master 2. This happened twice today, in the same character and lvl, so I'm not touching it until I know whats going on. There was a clicking through my speaker as the game froze. I reset the system. I'm terrified of losing my save data. Is there a surefire way to backup on xbox 360?

I have gold account obviously, I don't use the cloud and I'm not sure how I'd do that.
they wont answer you man I have had some freezing and odd glitches happening as well. Im hating how Blizzard handles there support. Stop paying attention to just the PC gamers its much more fun on the consoles so fix the !@#$ty bugs ya jackasses.
i play on ps3 got the digital version and froze once today, and the game always has lag spikes that happen often in combat in co op, but other than that the game is pretty smooth, you can backup your data on a usb

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