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03/09/2014 02:45 PMPosted by Berdy
so what build should i use?

I think you need to read the information provided by the OP and other posts in the thread and start some trail and error buddie your own gear and perhaps gear you find will change your play style a lot anyway. I dont think at this stage and I hope it never happens in the future that there is a build that is the end all e.g. CritMass was just to good to beat and therefore superior to any other options. Hence the reason for Loot 2.0 to bring back char customization by keeping it open again and so far job well done.

Read the information provided and learn from it then go have some fun and play the #*$^#&*& game. RoS and level 70 gear will change a lot anyway IMO.

Cheers NeK
Thanks for the guide. WD was my main and all I really played since D3V release. As time went on and more recently, I moved on to the Wizard and haven't really looked back since (especially since the patch).

I have been trying to play a sleet storm build because I like being lazy and not having to move and let everything come to me instead. However, the RNG gods have not been kind to me and have given me some amazing items, but I have not even equipped them. I am still trying to stick it out and hope smart loot is smart enough to know the way I WANT to play, not just force a build / style of play on me that I DO NOT want to play. I hope this is still a reasonable possibility to think smart drops will get smarter over time?
Am not sure if this question is already covered. But am using my phone reading this post. Too tiny to browse them all. I wanna know how you distribute your paragon points in this build. Thanks good post
Thx for the post, i read this long time ago, but i was not login in to thanck you! Keep up jeytech, and can rate my wiz and give me som advice? ..and 1thing about heling, atm i use seven sin with xp bonus but i have one with she can give me some nice bonus heling. Atm with buff i have 1300 ar, 105k life and 334k dps
02/27/2014 05:47 AMPosted by Jaetch
Thanks! Really hope it helps. My eyes bleed and my heart aches when I see dysfunctional builds that could have had potential.
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Help me with my build please.
Added a complementary video in the OP.
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Thanks for the help, reading this guide made me able to play on torment II solo when I couldn't before. thanks again :)
Hey Jaetch, good to see at least one Wizard I remember and still writing guides for all us noobs. ;)
I will love to know where you guys are putting your paragon lvls
03/25/2014 02:34 PMPosted by Manson
Hey Jaetch, good to see at least one Wizard I remember and still writing guides for all us noobs. ;)

Yo D, you coming back or you stuck in MH universe? :P
How do you change your action bar skills? On the build page you can for example choose 3 conjuration skills. How do you configure it?
03/28/2014 06:39 PMPosted by BlackRose39
How do you change your action bar skills? On the build page you can for example choose 3 conjuration skills. How do you configure it?

I think you have "elective mode" turned off. Go in the options/gameplay (I think), to enable it. You'll be able to pretty much use any skill in any slot, and more than one skill per category.
A build, that I have created, is extremely effective in T1-T4. Keep in mind that I have around 40% CH and 400% CD, but most importantly is that I have around 30% resource cost reduction and nearly 8k life on kill.

Blizzard chills enemies, so Cold Blooded Passive works with Blizzard (Snowbound for reduced mana cost) in giving 10% extra Dmg.

Cascade rune on Arcane Torrent helps with crowd control, also gaining the increased DMG from the Blizzard/Cold Blooded synergy.

Slow Time is on my bar with Time Warp, for the increased DMG, but, TBH, I hardly ever use it, unless I am fighting Champions, Treasure G/P/H/S, or Bosses.

Teleport is a must have, for escaping those situations in which you might be taking too much DMG. Fracture is used, so that the duplicates will immediately cast Time Warp and slow chasers down, as well as add a little extra DMG.

Magic Weapon, with Deflection rune, and the Dominance Passive pretty much insure that I can stand in the middle of almost anything and take very little to no DMG.

Energy Armor with Energy Tap, the Astral Presence Passive, resource cost reduction, and Critical Hits grant Arcane Power give me an almost unlimited supply of Arcane Power.

Here's the build:!XWgS!cbbYcb

And here's my equipment, which you will notice is really about 50% Legendary and 50% Rare, so it is pretty easy to come by. Oh yeah, the nemesis bracers are on there for running Rifts in normal. I have different bracers that give me a 27% increase in DMG.

I hope this helps someone in creating a decent, and very easily obtainable and maintainable, build.


P.S. The servers are down right now, so I cannot get on to tell you how I have set up my Paragon points. I am P142.

Oh, and I use the Templar Follower.
Hi. 4 days ago I started using wizard. I know not very good. Which passive and active skills important ? and paragon ?? i couldn't built :(

pls help me :)
Jaetch gave a good synapsis of creating good wizard builds. he also summed up quite nicely what is a bad wizard build. I'm finding that having intelligence on every piece of equipment along with vitality for survivability also helps alot. Intelligence adds more damage on all your attacks. Vitality adds more health. making sure you have extra movement, always having a positive +4 to +12 percentage boost on movement on boots helps you move faster so you can run if things go bad. Even with the most basic equipment you can still add these 3 things in to make your equipment help to improve your wizards success. adding in other factors like to crit chance and to crit damage, life %, and lower resource % are all good, but not to replace the first 3. secondary equipment effects I look for are mostly more gold percentage and monster xp boost.
Another primary effect I look for is regeneration life points per second. the higher this is, the more you can survive, even if your getting hit alot.
if you can add in pieces of equpiment that suppliment the build you choose, helps to dish out even more dmg. like if your using magic missle/arcane base, finding pieces that add to magic missile or arcane dmg will add to the dmg, as long as you don't sacrifice intelligence for the piece that also adds in this extra dmg. sacrificing 10% of your intelligence to add 10% arcane is kind of a wash.
Thank you very much my friend send me this page cause i hard no idea how to make a build and this tutorial is awsome gj.
currently using a Arcane Torrent with disruption as primary attack. for back up I'm using magic missile split. I'm also using frost nova/cold snap for defense. using mirror image duplicates that also cast magic missile split and frost nova/.cold snap, putting out 4 of them that cast those spells. I'm playing this in normal mode (easiest mode as possible) in hardcore mode, if you die your dead permanently, so there is no room for mistakes. because of this I use magic weapon/force weapon and archon/teleport. the primary dmg is AT/disruption, when energy is getting low depending on the situation, use frost nova/cold snap or magic missile/split. as a fall back if things get bad I can use the mirror image. If I don't have control of the battlefield, like I recently had like 4 bosses all at once, go to archon/teleport mode. more dmg and have ability to teleport. this mode only lasts for 20 seconds but it has more umph than AT/disruption and when things are getting bad, it should be able to regain control and kill anything and everything. another part of this build is the passive skills. using blur, glass canyon and galvanizing ward. blur lowers dmg 17%, glass canyon gives more dmg at cost of armor and resists. 15 % more dmg for 10% less armor and resists. the galvanizing ward (since I'm running on normal) gives good defense -moe dmg shield = more hit points when I haven't taken dmg for 6 seconds, so it usually is on or if you can avoid dmg for 6 seconds comes back on. so it essentially gives you even more hit points.

this build is not meant to run archon as the primary, the primary attack method is AT/disruption, even with no switching to archon you should still be able to start attacking immeidately or teleport.
the reason is I don't know how to run archon constantly and it only lasts 20 seconds, so leading with that instead as a safety valve could bring extra trouble, its meant to be a backup skill with the ability to teleport in case your stuck or don't have enough dps.

galvanizing ward is being used in normal mode, where its most effective. I'd probably switch to astral presence for more arcane power and regen on higher difficulty levels.

my character is currently level 44, so some other options aren't currently avaialble, like a 4th passive or higher level skills. This is a work in progress,and so far its been effective. No room for mistakes in hardcore mode. I had a wizard running around in expert at level 7 named Terse and a boss killed him with a wall couldn't escape. this char who is level 44 is named TerseTwo. if he dies the plan is to go with TerseThree.
Nice post sofar!
Hereby a build I have been using recently, which is serving me better than any other build I have tried since, well...critical mass, keeping me alive easily on T4 (can't remember dying the last time) and with some effort on T5. Haven't tried T6 yet. And I have to say....although gear plays a big role here, this build is just pure joy!

Arcane spender: Ray of Frost.
Never took this spell seriously, since it didn't pierce. Kadala gave me a Light of Grace (I was actually hunting for a Mirrorball, which I also got later) and now the spell does pierce, making it a "desintegrate with added benefits".

To get the most out of the spell, I have tried to stack up cold bonusses (obviously). Also tried to max out Apoc (hate being without AP). This allows me to use the snowbound rune most of the time for the extra 15% cold dmg, but I can always fall back on cold blood to ensure I never have to watch my AP again.

Until now, no real surprises. Now lets talk about gear, making things great.
I use Tal's set (chest - amu - belt) for the 4 piece set bonus: meteor spamming (with Ring of Royal Grandeur), which adds nicely to the damage.
For bracers, I use Strongarms. Here is where things get interesting. The secondary states that knocked back enemies take 20-30% extra damage when they land for 5 seconds. Initially, I didn't gave that much tought, until I noticed Wave of Force - Impactful Wave. With a 5 second cooldown, this knocks all critters back, after which they take 20-30% added damage until the next wave.
This also slows them down, making them sitting ducks basically.

To make things even better, I use black hole (with a rune of choice I'd say, though in this setup I prefer absolute zero for the extra cold bonus). Casting black hole clamps enemies together, then quickly followed by a wave of force, basically still having them in the same area, but now taking the added damage from strongarm bracers! Then Ray of Frost piercing everything and ending things quickly.

Still things can be better!
To help increase dps (I started out with a rather "tanky" setup to primarily stay alive in the higher torments) I have tried to get all Tal's meteors every 8 seconds. That means having all elements doing damage. My MH weapon is Thunderfury. This provides lightning damage, as well as added crowd control (I have been lucky with this drop and stat rolls on it).
RoF spell doing cold, familiar (sparkflint) doing fire and Wave of Force is doing arcane damage (my passives are Elemental Exposure, Blurr, Unwavering Will and Cold Blooded).
By using Wave of Force in combo with Black Hole (when possible), this also ensures an arcane meteor to impact the Strongarms effected area. In a best case scenario, all meteors impact the Black Hole area, which is just monstruous! Passives effecting the dps further, this ensures large crits (and lets not forget the damage from Wave of Force itself can be significant).

I tend to believe that the slow effects from Thunderfury and WoF also help the meteors hitting targets instead of missing.

For survivability, I have chosen Ice Armor with Crystallize rune. Critters may get close to me without the fear of taking too much damage. Usually, I can wait until the next WoF to back them off again and cold-fry em with RoF. I can imagine being a bit more offensive here, and I might do that when I feel comfortable enough on T5 (or have better gear). I have some more (cold) offensive gear in the bank, ready to be swapped out when I find another Tal's piece.

The amount of crowd control with BH and WoF is just amazing. The dps is, even in such a tanky setup, very decent. I have compared it with a fire build (Mirrorball (2 extra missiles) MM - Conflagrate - Heatwave), where the damage is higher (not even that significantly, but this may be my gear, will try again when I have some "missing pieces"). However, the level of crowd control I felt, was much much less, having to run for cover too many times or worse, running out of AP too quickly. The result was a lot more dying comapred to this cold build. Glacial spike / Mirrorball was a decent alternative, but felt not as good as the RoF build.

The only downside of this build I have experienced sofar, is long boss fights (without adds). Here, you can run out of AP, without ways to quickly get it back up again. Switch to cold blood rune and things should be ok.

Surprisingly, I have not seen many people use this setup.
I can recommend to try it out. It is a lot of fun!
I think its important to make your build simple and not go over every aspect of the build. Let other people do the fine tuning and people are a lot more willing to try builds out if you can make them simple .

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