Crowd Control for elites mechanic reverted?

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A while back, elites and bosses had a flat resistance to crowd control effects.

The devs changed that so that the first crowd control effect would work for the full duration, and give the elite/boss 10% resistance per second of crowd control, up to the base resistance (for Inferno, 65%).
EDIT: here is the link to the blog that made the changes:

Now, the new game guide, , seems to have reverted back to the original mechanic.

Can anyone shed some more insight into this?
02/26/2014 12:41 PMPosted by vortic
Can anyone shed some more insight into this?

Just checked with Wyatt Cheng, and the basic functionality described in the blog hasn't changed and should still be in effect right now with patch 2.0.1. (See below.)

How It Works:

  • Monsters have a "CC resistance" that is stored on a per-monster basis.
  • The CC resistance starts at 0%. For every 1 second CC that is applied to the monster, the monster receives 10% CC resistance.
  • Monsters lose 10% of their CC resistance every second that they are not CC’d.

The only part that's been updated in patch 2.0.1 is that CC resistance caps are now consistent across all difficulty levels, and are indicated in the table you linked. So, the monster resistance values listed are still relevant numbers; they just refer to the maximum CC resist the monster will apply at any given time.

I'll follow up with our web team. :)
thank you!

see post #39

apparently, people are saying @Lylirra is wrong. and the game guide is also wrong.
Good job on the necro.

Now maybe they will fix the one thing making WD's wanted in Grifts.

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