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Now it's not even showing up in Resource Monitor. Outstanding.

Anyone else experiencing a hilariously slow "optimization"? This is on an SSD that has no issues actually doing things.
Mine is taking an abhorrently long time as well. I don't have an SSD or anything but I also don't see any reason it should be taking this long.
Mine took about 15 minutes to optimize and another 5 to download new content on a plain HDD.
Weird, mine only took 15-20 mins on my SSD. Oh well, it's not like you can play right now anyway. From what I heard, the optimization is well worth it.
For those with slow optimizations problem,,
Follow this,, just close down the agent ,, and restart . It should pick up where u are left off and continue .
It's a bug, the battle net agent was hang and u need to manually restart
I hope that helps
I have been downloading since early this morning (download speed for my isp is 12 mbps) and now have more to download than I had 30 minutes ago. DO NOT BELIEVE the download monitor if it says your game is now playable, but wait for it to finish the entire download.

Earlier today it said I only had 4 gb left to download and the game was now playable. So I stupidly believe them and clicked the now blue "play" button. It then said it had to download more files before I could play and showed I now need to download 15 gb again. So I've let it download all afternoon until it said I was well past the "optimal" point and only lacked 2 gb. So I tried clicking the once again "blue" play button and now I have 9 gb to download. The same applies to trying to connect to a different region server.

And now I see the notices that the site is not even back up and the maintenance period has been extended twice, until late tonight.
It finished out of nowhere after downloading some extra data. Too bad about that delayed start.

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