I thought we had until March 18th to enjoy AH??

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Will it be coming back any time soon?

It's been set as March 18th for the last 6 months or so, and now you can't even stick to your word on that???
That's what I thought too... where are the items in AH ?? Personally, I wont be happy if it won't be returned... I sell them to have enough golds for ROS... what now? It would be better if items be returned for good use.. :(
Since no advance notice was given (other than March 18) at least return the items that were in the AH to the owner.
So with 2.0 achievements are broken and AH is broken!
It's there on the bottom right side of the screen on the join game screen, also I can't buy gold I had enough for 50 mil and now nones listed on ah what can I even do with the money now?
Sounds FUN!
QQ related to AH being gone is good QQ. Never should have existed to begin with.

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