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So i love the new things u added to the game , everything is even more awesome for me , and i loved this game from the start. I am a huge DH fan and i do like the changes done to them , there is only 1 thing i do not get, and i actually am starting to hate. The change of female Demon Hunter voice when u score a "killing spree"..... ( lets call it a "killing spree" when you get a score of killing more monsters with 1 shot / or more monsters at the same time , or even destroying several objects in a row)

So basically, you decided that the awesome "sexy/aggressive voice" should be replaced with a voice of an "45 -55 year old woman that gave birth 2 3 times and does not care about if she lives or dies".... and the funny part is this does not sound anymore like a yell, or "in your face" kinda of a quote, now its more like she just said something , just like she needs to say something that she does not care or want to say at all ...

But thats only with the quoted of a "killing spree" the lore vise, or random discussion with a follower or the Quest NPC ....

I am really hoping this might be just a test and you are asking for some feedback about it .... If that is true , then well ... my feedback would be that the new voice sucks (pardon on my language)
The old one was just the female Demon Hunter should be alike, aggressive, like she will tear your skull down and smash it with her heels, bloodthirsty and pissed off.
I just loved the old voice , whenever i logged on my char , and went killing , i loved the random quotes, yells/shouts ....

Now this does not feel right ... not at all ... like blizzard introduced the DH-s as a bloodthirsty, aggressive, vengeful class that lives up for the revenge vs the demons and the class that "enjoys" killing .... ( well all classes have that little something that makes u feel that the char enjoys killing around , but that the point here, although id dare to say DH-s had a bit more of that then other.)

I am sorry with all the people that do not agree with me

Please put the old voice back to the game, the new one is really bad ....

Thank you for your time
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I noticed it as well. It's not a huge deal, but my eyebrow does twitch a little every time I hear her. After dozens of hours with her as my main character, hearing her voice change suddenly just tweaks me the wrong way.
Exactly ... not the same character for me anymore ... i dont quiet feel it anymore ... :S
+1 for this one. I really hate the new voice acting. I don't know if it's the same girl, but it certainly doesn't sound like it, not to mention it's awkward to have a character that seems to have two different voice actresses. The old one was aggressive, hateful, very hostile. She really owned the role very well. The new one sounds sick and fake, very weak. Please revert that change.
I have nothing against Laura Bailey (the new VA); in fact, I love her other work. That said, in this case, she's not really getting to do her own work— she's trying to emulate Anna Graves' performance and it sounds utterly forced. It's really jarring to hear, too, especially after getting used to hearing those particular lines from AG.

Okay, so, at this point, probably not going to get Act V re-recorded with the original VA. But why the heck were other lines replaced? The 'mighty blow' callouts (I believe) got re-recorded... which would make sense if all of the dialogue was replaced... Except it wasn't.

Couldn't we get the original voice restored for lines that were already in the game, though? I mean, it takes a really good voice performance to deliver a callout that we're going to hear hundreds to thousands of times, and not get tired of. These re-recorded callouts are... honestly, not something I am enjoying listening to, and this is my first day of hearing them. :\
+1 to this. The new voice sounds like a bad translation.
Actually, playing through, it sounds like a few of the callouts weren't changed, namely: 'You won't survive that' and 'Sweet revenge' (or at least that's what it sounds like).

Is there a reason some were changed and a few left as is? And would it be feasible to restore the original voice assets for those callouts?
Yeah, she now looks 26-29 and sounds 45. I miss the old voice and am not looking forward to the RoS dialog.

If they can't get the old VA (and I understand that this is sometimes the case) it would be nice if this VA would be willing to come back and rerecord this stuff with a younger and more aggressive sound.
Similar thread, someone posted a link to some ROS cutscenes, had a brief snippet with some DH dialogue in it— it didn't sound too bad. It wasn't Anna Graves, but, it wasn't too bad. I think I could be okay with having the new VA for the new, Act V dialogue, for two reasons: one, she's not trying to imitate someone else's EXACT line, so it doesn't sound so forced, and two, we're not hearing the same line every minute.

But for the callouts? Nnh. Already tired of them. I mean, I think they achieved some really good voice work and direction with the original VAs— all of them, really— by getting lines we wouldn't get sick of, since we're listening to them constantly. I really, REALLY hope there's a possibility of getting the original assets restored.
Why couldn't they just ask the girl from that underworld movie whos based off her haha
i can't stand it... why was the voice changed?

feels like a 60+ year old is talking and she's bored as hell...
Yep I noticed the change today too, hugely disappointed.
+1, absolutely agree!

I fell in love with Demon Hunter class and knew it was "my" character even before the game was released. When it was released - I liked absolutely everything about playing my female Demon Hunter (and I'm a girl irl, to reply to those commenting about boys playing as females), including her awesome voice.

Now her voice has partly changed and I absolutely dislike the new one, it sounds EW, to put it politely. Not only I dislike the voice itself, its emotions also don't seem to fit the character.

My friends who play DH female also hate this change - actually, I do not know a single person who liked it.
Please-please-PLEASE bring back the old cold sexy Demon Hunter voice.
i'm getting used to it since I main my DH these days, seems same actor but voice sounds like too much smoking >.<
There's sound in this game?! Mustve forgetten hmm. :/
We've been talking about it since PTR. I asked Anna Graves about it and she knows no more about it than we do. I don't think Blizzard realized just how well she owned the role.

The general feel of the character has changed in a pretty negative way. Oddly now I've begun to resent Laura Bailey despite actually liking her in everything she's done up to this point.

This is probably the best we'll get for an official story:
+1 original VA fits the character much better.
New voice is fine. But the old was perfection. Painful that the original was not even asked. Just lazy.
I don't mind the new voice actress (old one was better though).

What I don't like is that Blizzard didn't bother re-recording the old VA's lines. So now you have this weird transition from act I-IV to act V where the voice just completely changes out of no where.

Good job Blizz
Watch as your pathetic ma.. erm fear, betrays youuu.

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