Kamikaze Fire Wizard (solo build)

I've been working on a good solo Fire spec and believe I have come up with a very effective and fun build. The skill ceiling is quite high, meaning your decision making and reaction time will hugely influence how well you stay alive and how fast you kill. With my gear and level of practice, it is most effective at Torments IV and V, but VI is possible:


Spectral Blades [Flame Blades]
Used to generate Arcane Dynamo stacks and charge +Fire damage for Meteor and Explosive Blast
Meteor [Unruned or Meteor Shower]
Biggest damage dealer when Explosive Blast is on cooldown.
Explosive Blast [Short Fuse]
Usually your hardest hitter
Teleport [Calamity]
Used with Illusionist to constantly stun enemies and do damage
Magic Weapon [Ignite]
Energy Armor [Prismatic or Pinpoint Barrier]

Passives: [Illusionist] [Arcane Dynamo] [Glass Cannon or Blur]


This build involves nearly all melee combat, with Meteor used to take out ranged mobs and as the opening volley against Elites. You actually WANT to get hit, so that Teleport will be available to get/stay in melee range and keep things stunned.

Most of your damage will come from Meteor, with Explosive Blast offering high spike damage. The Meteor Shower rune has the highest potential damage, but requires proper positioning to force all 7 meteors to land in a tight area. Properly deciding whether to use Meteor or Explosive Blast based on your Dynamo stacks/HP/battlefield position/mob type is key to getting the most damage.

For normal mob groups, open by teleporting into the middle and casting Explosive Blast. If anything is left alive, use Meteor and Spectral Blades to charge your stacks.

For Elites, open with 3 volleys of Meteor, followed by Teleport stun and Explosive Blast. Teleport stun whenever you are hit to keep them from casting poison/arcane/frozen. Rotate between Spectral, Meteor and Explosive Blast as your Arcane Power/Timers allow.


Don't let your HP get TOO high, as you want to lose enough % of your life from most hits to proc Illusionist and prevent Elites from casting. If you get lucky with a Cindercoat your effectiveness will increase dramatically.

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