Lashing Tail Kick Bugged

Bug Report
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Blue please at least take a look at this please?
i guess this thread has to reach a substantial amount of post before any blues will even bother to flip through it. up up!
Also experienced this issue, it seems to be alot more obvious when playing in a party.
I'm also missing quite often. Considering pretty much all viable specs revolve around this skill, it needs to be fix asap.
This thread is relevant to my interests. Please look into this and fix it Blizz!

A slight increase in range would help a lot I imagine.
This is very noticeable for me as well. Please Blizzard give some acknowledgement to this issue!!
Happens on my monk as well.
Plz fix!
I've noticed this as well. I'll be charged spirit, but dmg won't always apply to mobs.
Posting to share my view on it and what I've tested thus far. This is a serious issue.
I was testing earlier by solely using LTK, on a stable 40ms/100mb internet connection and continually spamming LTK and having all damage sources on while on Ghom T3.

Out of 50 or so kicks, I counted 22 which connected and stunned, but did NO measurable damage. This also had some discrepancies as on other occasions I could empty my entire Spirit into him and out of 12, only 2 or so hit. This is extremely frustrating to deal with and it needs looking into.
Maybe increase the actual connection area of the attack by a few yards, not entirely sure what is causing it. Might be an animation issue since it was a lot more noticable when spamming the skill.

Bottom line, we need someone to look into this please.

EDIT: This was using the Scorpion rune, though I have noticed it using most runes except the physical one.
My attackspeed is currently 55%, might be a factor in it, not sure.
Hmm I definitely feel like I have noticed this. I will have to do some testing to confirm.
  • Found a bug where Lashing Tail Kick was working improperly. Fixed this issue by making Lashing Tail Kick miss 85% of the time up from 50%.
  • Typical Blizzard Fix^ ...look at how they handled Frozen Orb with the behind the scenes nerf it had. You have been warned muahahaah LOL.
    come on, surely this deserves to be looked at?
    it's probably the only spirit spender that has synergy with my build and yet it doesn't work properly.
    I should also mention I was experiencing this with Scorpion String and Vulture Claw Kick.

    I have noticed this many times where it doesn't seem to register the damage at all. White dmg even and with the helm which launches a fireball for when you LTK it makes the issue worse.

    Both the fireball and the kick both seem to completely miss and no damage is read.

    It also seems to get even more apparent when using Epiphany Fire rune as you should see 3 hits coming form the kick with helm and at times i only see 1.

    Is there a blue out there who has responded?
    And bump.
    Agreed - it needs fixed as something is definitely wrong.

    Spirit used, animation fires, zero damage done
    Is there actually definitive proof that lashing tail kick is doing nothing?

    I have noticed that it's damage is a little delayed from it's animation and that on higher difficulty levels, when lashing tail kick doesn't crit, it is hard to distinguish it's damage from my spirit generator crits and sweeping wind/cyclone damage. I think it could easily be the case that when people don't crit, its damage gets masked beneath other forms of incoming damage, making it look like it is not doing anything. I don't ever feel like I am missing when I use lashing tail kick on lower difficulties where even non-crits do substantial damage compared to the monster's max HP.
    I really hope they fix this soon, if its just doing low damage on non-crits, then for the love of all, up the minimum damage this attack can do for cripes sake.

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