ATTENTION: Level-Up Chat on XP Gain

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With today's 2.0.2 patch, players may be experiencing an unexpected amount of chat from their characters and followers. Upon gaining experience, your hero and follower may be prompted to inform you of their progress.

We are aware of this issue and currently working to address it as quickly as possible. However, this will require a patch to resolve.

In the meantime, you can impose your own temporary gag order by disabling the following options:

  • Sound > Voice Volume > Set to 0

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to resolve this issue!
I guessed this got missed by QA?
not an issue, can we get some patch notes please?
Thank you! My character kept thinking he was leveling up every time I killed something! Haha
OK, when that patch will come?
right when you posted this my client went down for maintenance. Is this just going to be shut down and fixed instead?
i had noticed that lol
i guess too many people whined about it because they just dropped the servers again
I just got kicked from the game and it won't let me reconnect.
Is this why we just went under maintenance?
03/04/2014 09:53 AMPosted by Survious
I guessed this got missed by QA?

what QA?
Same thing happened to me. When I tried to restart the game and log back in, it said the server was down for maintenance...
How can we know what is new patch notes?
yup, patch notes[

btw i should have gained a legendary from diablo reset kill just now.

i bet you guys removed the sk legendary from reset but didnt put anything else to compensate right?

just so the playerbase who was doing IT AND HAVING FUN GETS MAD, RIGHT?
What about patch notes? What was changed in this patch? Ninja changes are not cool.
Same thing what happened to kick us offline
well to be fair it isn't 11am pst yet :)
ah I thought I was the only one having connection problems. I really dont mind cormak talking. Just let me play again
I was playing Hardcore, please give us a one minute warning when you bring down the servers.

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