Extended Maintenance - 3/4/2014

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Thanks for the heads up though.
You people are so ugly, little and just awful. You act like a bunch of cowardly ghouls that get off on being able to talk smack to a major software corporation. Grow up and be patient. It's a damn game, after all.
I understand that poop occurs, but man oh man. EVERY SINGLE TIME??? Fire your maintenance personnel if they can't get it right.
when you shutdown the servers again you killed my barb.

why you ruin my whole day for...
Patching a MMO dungeon crawler or MMORPG is tremendously different than your typical CoD patch.....
IM on Europe server and got trown off today some hours ago, cant log into battlenet etc, cant get on the europeen battlenet offisial site so wierd, is it not only in the US the patch is live?
I dont mind i wont be able to play til 4 anyways.
Yeah. once you kicked us all off the servers, even after it was finished you got my hardcore barb killed.

Thanks heaps for the notice. not even a '' 15 mins till server shutdown'' just boom d/c'd and aparently dead too.
About the time that this maint. is supposed to be done.... I'll be getting called in to work... lovely
I honestly wonder when will you guys get it! Blizzard has done this since 2010 they release a patch bugs ensue.. takes 5 hours or more to fix... one time it wasnt up till 6 pm....
4 years and still having that much trouble with it?
Can't wait to get back in game and do some farming. Keep up the good work Blizzard, you are slowly breathing life back into Diablo 3! the new 2.0.0 changes brought my wife and I back to the game and we are counting down the hours until we can slaughter the minions of hell once again!

The moral of the story is as follows:

Don't take Tuesday off to play Diablo. Don't play HC right after servers come back up.

Can't believe we haven't figured this out yet.
this is crazy long time bro
Will this patch address the purchase of gold on the RMAH or is this still being investigated as a separate issue?

Thanks for the update.
Finally tell myself, hey Ill get on D3 and prepare my characters with some loot 2.0 for the ROS I plan on preordering.

*Extended Maintenance*

... Oh, at least I have Titanfall preordered.
when can play???
I was staring at the white box for 15 minutes trying to figure something to say. After 15 minutes I remain speechless. There is a blank in my mind, filled with hopelessness.
Can you at least take down the Authentication servers, so we don't have to type in our passwords to see if it's back up or not? The blue post usually goes up 15-30 minutes after the servers are up.

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