Horrific Mimics-Grim Reaper Mask

Witch Doctor
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I have this mask, and they cast piranhas and spam Rain of toads. I seem to kill about 2, 2 1/2 secs faster when they are active, so I'm betting they do dmg.
it's very fun. One of my WDs has this build going on along with some gear tweaking of my own...

I have been struggling with for a few days and it's 50/50 on whether they do damage. I use fire ball with final rune, fire bats, and frozen piranha. they cast al of them but I cannot tell if it is better to use +20% damage or keep the helm I have. you see my dilemma? they seem to d o more damage because between the 3 skeletons we have 9 fireballs at once and seems to kick !@#.
My mimics used piranhas and I was still using the Arachyr set and they hit with the sets power. But their firebats didn’t kill anything so they would do no damage until they stopped the firbats. So I figured out if you time your casting right you can avoid them ever using firebats. If u don’t use firebats, they won’t use it either. In my expierance when u have no mimics and use a skill they appear using that skill...the PROBLEM is they can’t use every skill and if u use a skill like hex (wich was on my old build) they appear and run around doing absolutely nothing except pulling stuff and tanking. So having that said back to timing your casting for the mimics...when your mimics disappear after about 4 secs make sure u cast something u know to be effective with the mimics and the mimics will use that skill. They don’t seem to use skills randomly...they use what u used when u casted it. 1 mimic = 1 piranha cast the they proceed to do nothing.
I know for sure that piranhas, poison darts actually do damage with mimics. And I know for sure that firebats does no damage from mimics.
Mimics cast the skill, bot dont have the %dmg bonus from gear.

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