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Hello, I have the problem when I try to run Diablo III (open beta), I get the message code 33. What's that? Why I can not start the game to debug it? Please Help
hello every time i try to log on to the diablo ptr beta i get error code 33 server is in maintainace now i have been getting this error code for 24 hours please help
I also am having the same problem, but I haven't seen any forums, articles, tickets, or news on it.
Cause they've ended..days ago..that's why
Hello, I have the problem . i get the message code 33 i need help PLZ
Error 33 should be.. sever down now!
Anyone else still getting Error 33? My client patched, however I still can't log in. Not sure if its just me or everyone
Since the new maintenance cant play anymore, give me the code error 33 :/
Error 33? My client patched, however I still can't log in.
wtf can someone plz help with this code 33 because this error isnt scheduled wtf is the deal someone plz help
still down
yes, I still have this issue as well.
Yes, the Beta and PTR are down. They closed on 24 February. If you are trying to connect to them then you need to switch to your live home region to play the game.
can't seem to log in!!!!
Locking this thread as its originally from 2014. Please be mindful of resurrecting older threads, a new or more recent thread can be created to continue the discussion.

As a note, code 33 is related to the PTR being closed. Please check if the PTR forums are currently active or check the blog posts for the exact dates for when PTR will be up and will be down.

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